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My AWESOME commute in Jackson Hole, Wy from my 5th wheel to the ski slopes - need I say more?

Ok... spectacular, incredible, inspiring...

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Saw this Beauty in Nashville
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News! I'm going to be on @mojo50 IN LESS THAN AN HOUR at about 11am Eastern Time. We're going to be talking RV'ing & RV Across America (.net) #BuildingAmericaMarathon #mojo50 #rvacrossamerica

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Preparing for winter in a RV in EXTREME cold - a "how to" with insights & advice...

It's about 10F outside as we speak - its after 10am and its only mid-November! What have I got myself into?! After 7 years, I have some idea!

Why do this? Enjoyment of winter! Skiing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and much more!

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Mid-Autumn in Grand Teton National Park - my how things change...
Spectacular views of Grand Teton National Park -

and some unique insights as I visited the park

twice in the past few days.

Its nice living next to Jackson which is literally

less than a 1/2 hour from Grand Teton National

Park! And... travel during this "off season" is

unique as the summer crowds are gone and the

winter enthusiasts have not yet arrived.

I got some great video & inspiring photos here...

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Settling in for the Winter - in my Camper - IN the mountains...

It's about 6am and the temperature outside is 5F.
Thanksgiving is still about 2 weeks away. It looks
like the first sub-zero morning will occur early
next week.

Am I crazy? Nope. Not at all. I'm taking all the
necessary steps to prep for winter. I'm near
Jackson, Wyoming and looking forward to a winter
with tons of skiing and time outdoors.

There's already some snow on the ground - enough
to go cross country skiing yesterday before my
pre-season meetings at the mountain.

I arrived on Nov. 3 after a marathon drive across

Join me here as I drive across Idaho (inspiring
and informative video) along with some additional
thoughts on my camper repairs in Oregon...

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News! I just created a RV Across America PAGE on MeWe. Just like on FB, "pages" and "groups" are two different beasts. Here's the link - Let me know what you think.

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Greetings from La Grande, Oregon! I'm here to get
some necessary repairs done on my camper. I've
come to the conclusion that even well built, high
quality campers are built by these things called
"humans" - and any time THEY get into the mix...
things can and do happen! More about my camper in
a future post. Safe to say - what matters is the
manufacturer IS standing behind their product and
making it all good.

Ok, so, while I'm here, I had the chance to hike
Anthony Lake. Ok, its only 1 mile and virtually
all flat ground (yeah, I'm lazy), but it IS
picturesque and I had a surprise visitor when I
climbed to the lake's elevation... Early season

For some inspiring video & photos, check out my
post -

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Shortly before entering the Pacific Northwest, I
spent a few nights in Hall, Montana at Boulder
Creek Lodge.

Boulder Creek is a great and unique place - and is
nearby Philipsburg, Discovery Ski Mountain,
Georgetown Lake, and Anaconda.

Philipsburg is a re-created 19th century town and
has two ghost towns nearby. Discovery Ski Mountain
is a place I'm considering teaching at - and has a
great reputation for having some challenging
slopes, along with a gentle learning area.
Georgetown Lake is a great summer resort community
- definitely worth exploring!

Here's my report - including some great dashcam
footage as I explored this spectacular region...

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I decided to open a RV'ing group called "RV Across America" on "weme" (the new social media site) - I will continue to support and grow OUR group here, but if you decide to join "weme", feel free to join me there as well.
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