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"Be warned: Employing the practices in this book moves teachers into the big leagues of teaching -- empowering them to become apathy-busting, creatively charged, highly effective professionals." -- Rick Wormeli, Teacher and Author of Fair Isn't Always Equal

Ditch That Textbook: Free Your Teaching and Revolutionize Your Classroom

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I have a project connected to tech integration and reflection that I am working on and wondering if anyone would would be willing to help me the link below and it will take you to a padlet. Read the instructions and have at it. If you choose to participate....please fill out the exit ticket!

Need some responses by Wed AM!


This summer I'm teaching four in-services called It's a Mystery! Google Hangouts. I'd love to be able to connect with other teachers or students so my classes can try Mystery Hangout!

The dates and times (all EST) are
June 20- 1:30 p.m
June 21 11:00 a.m.

Aug 13 11;00 a.m.
Aug 14 9:45 a.m

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Looking for ways to bring Inquiry to your classroom? Check this out to get started.
Tools to Support Student Inquiry
Tools to Support Student Inquiry

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Looking for a way to connect with schools and talk about w/students about labor issues. We are from a middle class community in the USA, and would love to connect with people outside of our zone. Perfect times to connect would be from 11:10 - Noon CST. Can anyone help us out? Even if you are not able to connect, my kids are wanting to learn more about Child Labor Issues and Forced Labor all over the world.

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Wanting to teach teachers on a PD day how to get outside of the classroom with Skype and Google Hangout. Does anyone have something that they would be willing to share with me...that I can adapt to my K-12 Audience?

Does anyone have tips to help students create slideshows that get their message across? My students are in grade 5.. is there anyone who teaches this that would be willing to skype with us?
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