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walks and somepony hits me
OUCH! Watch that manner there! I am pretty and the mane remains pretty! NOT STUCK WITH A CAN OF DRINK! going to cast a spell Grrr

walks around ponyville
To do do...
bumps into someone
Ouch! Watch where you're going!
(Open for anyone)

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Animated Photo

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Name: Princess Twilight Sparkle
Gender: Mare
Race: Alicorn
Cutie Mark: Pink and white star surrounding by little white stars
Bio: I was once a student of Princess Celestia and she treated me like a mother treats her children

I even saved her a few times against her sister Luna/Nightmare Moon, Sombra, Queen Chrysalis and Discord to name a few

but when i became a Alicorn things changed and they treated me with less and less respect as time went on

Until one day I have had enough and i rose up against them with help from my husband +flash sentry 

Other than that i am a pretty reasonable princess, most of the time anyway

laughs evilly

Hello Zhere my fellow Zonies and BroZies,I z Avel Vloom wantz zo say we are getting azot zof memberz (sorry if too much z's in it :P)

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Name: Queen Sombra Sparkle
Gender: Mare
Cutie Mark: The same as Princess Twilight Sparkle
Bio: I am the Queen of Crystal Empire... AND EQUESTRIA, MWAHAHAHAHA 

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Name: lighting flash
Age: 2000 (body:20)
Type:alicorn of awesomeness

I am Avel Vloom
I am 13 yrs old
I would like you all to RESPECT THE IMPORTANT ONES!! AND I WANT TO SEE THAT! shows evil mad face

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name: Sky no last name

Type: was a pony now i'm a troll, and a mage

God tier: generation 20 was knight of space- generation 21st is now mage of skies

Age: 4 sweeps ((13 years old))

Good skills: i'm not that good at hand-to-hand combat but i'm a good archer and very fond of witchcraft

Personalities: Shy, kind of anti-social, into space, most of her time is where she seeks, has a kind of bad temper, and she can get distracted a lot

Bio: her father was a madman, she killed her sister, her mother was killed by her father, she walks alone and seeks a place called Alternia. She made group but one by one they all died, and of course she died almost 40 times in a row

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Don't worry my loyal subjects... everything is CERTAINLY fine!
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