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Such Astral Ecstacy

These visions come so sudden
Yet there's nothing frightening about them;
Instead they share emotions usually hidden,
With a beautiful and unforgettable outcome.

Overwhelming emotions I feel everywhere
For I am not the only one who feels the same;
No one can deny the true feelings there,
When its over I won't even know your name.

Filled with rapture and bliss
As your lips touch my lips;
Enlightened that you deepened this kiss,
With the nice pressure on your hips.

Experience Astral Ecstacy at its finest
Strong sensual touch that makes you bend;
The final stop of our journey is the saddest,
I will be excited when we meet again.

Written By Nick Nguyen
(Poetry only) (c) Copyright Nicholas Nguyen 2018
I've been having these visions about this event and its screwing with my mind. Not sure what it means. Anyway. Hope you love this poem!

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My pain and anger
needs to be released somewhere
my voice or my fists

(Poetry only) (c) Copyright Nicholas Nguyen 2017

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Merry Christmas guys😇😇

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Easy Hi Hardest Goodbye

From day one I've been drawn,
To someone whose love is strong.

I find you mesmerizing in every way,
And I promise never to stop loving you everyday.

I've turned my crush into an everlasting love,
And its you who lifts my spirit high above.

Over the years of us dating,
I finally saw the spark that was never fading.

It was there all along leading up to this moment,
And I knew then that when you're gone there'll never be a replacement.

Everything about you makes me love you more,
Your beauty really strikes me down to the core.

I can't wait till I spend the rest of my god given life with you,
But you have to promise me you'll be there to love me too.

Written By Nick Nguyen
(Poetry only) (c) Copyright 2017 Nicholas Nguyen

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Under The Moon

Under the moon lies a darkness
A darkness so desolate but peaceful;
With the silent breath of wind so harmless,
But it is often used for actions so lethal.

It is a shame to see the crimes committed
It is clearly the act of any animal;
To kill in cold blood something beautifully created,
But to also do it mercilessly like a cannibal.

Aside from the violence the good are sleeping
Waiting till the very break of dawn;
With the glimpse of the sun so gleaming,
Yet everyone's so tired so they yawn.

The towns I see every now and then
Gives the same ambience every time;
It is ominously dark and quiet like a wolf's den,
But light shall pass through the mountains hard to climb.

Written By Nick Nguyen
(Poetry only) (c) Copyright Nicholas Nguyen 2017

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I'll always be there for you in your your shaky shadow...!!

Hey guys why this community so dead .....someone post some poems ......
I can't because I got fracture in my right arm and I can't write a poem 😥😥

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