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New release! Skrillex & Poo Bear (Nitti Gritti Cover). Subscribe for daily new music updates!

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Happy to share my remix if +Chloé CloZee's track, Secret Place. It's my entry to the Harmony Remix Contest via +Gravitas Create.

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In May, we released a very special project on GT Digital to try to help push Hard Trance music forward called 'The Future of Hard Trance' including tracks by Aponaut, Xavi BCN & DJ Meke, Busho, ConnecteD, Dean Zone, D10, The Sixth Sense, DJ W, Locanda & Kuznetsow, Mark EG & D4RYL, Mindflux, Nostic, Renegade System, Shock:Force, and XLS & Cognition if for some reason you were unaware of the album release please do have a listen to this mini mix YouTube video Jake Nicholls kindly did for us of all the tracks as there is bound to be something your liking.

Available from the following download stores.






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You want to know what the title means👀....I also. 🏺

Style: Electronic Crossover Music (ECM)❌ with Sounds of Funk, Electric Jazz, Ambient, Deep House, Chillout, House, Electro Dance, Minimal, Electro Dub, Tech House, Electro Soul, Techno
12:36 min. 🎛 125 bpm
Don't forget, only if you want
👣 ➕ ✂ ➕ 👍🏼

Enjoy yourself. 🎉👯 🎹
Every Friday a new mix. 🔜👁📯📅🎻
Follow me here and / or on YouTube if you like. 👣🔔💋🎸
Thank you and have a nice day. 🌞🏖🌈🍹🕶 🎺

May the Rhythm be with you ☮🎷
I. C. H. Beatbuster

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I tried to remix

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