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 Moving right along. ^-^ Here is the next installment of the Heart's Audio. I do hope you all enjoy it. Any and all commentary and criticism would be much appreciated.


Breathe deep and savor your last breath

Go swiftly towards the white light

Don’t look back, not even for a moment

Forget the troubles of your mortal life


Let go of your fears and anxiety

Rest now my love


Let your heart take a breather for once

Allow your memory to dissolve

Do not dwell on the pain of departure

For all is nothing now

No longer must you hold on

Let go and close your eyes


I promise to catch you

Wrap you in a blanket of silk

Let you sleep for an eternity and one year

Your burdens shall no longer drag you down


For in death, you are free

And all the shackles of life will be cut to ribbons,

and burned to ash...

© 2009-2012 Raheema Muhammad

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Here's to the next installment of the Heart's Audiobook. ^-^ I hope you all enjoy~ Any and all feedback will be much adored and appreciated. bows politely with flair


I will whisper words for you soft in the night

I will weave a tapestry of every color known to man

I will lure in dreams to fill the cages of your tormented mind

I will summon the stars to light your way

I will reel in the moon to set beneath your feet

I will rend the heavens and give you wings

My spells for you will never be broken

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So here we go again. ^-^ It's very nice to make and refresh your acquaintances.

This is my rehashing of 'The Heart's Poetry' Volume One for better consumption. I'll be posting tracks from the Audiobook to be soon sold in conjunction with the paperback for your collective enjoyment and critiques. It's been a minute, but I hope I haven't gone too forgotten.

sheepish laugh


Fickle is the Heart
Blown frequently by emotions
Stolen repeatedly by man
Broken oft-times by betrayal and disappointment
Dangerous when given to obsession
Easily corrupted by greed and blackened by jealousy
But remains to be
Man's greatest weakness and fickle strength

© 2009-2012 Raheema Muhammad


Sometimes the people you care about are busy caring about other people and it hurts and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.@ Ruby D

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Thanks for the invite. ^-^ It's very nice to meet everyone~

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