What do we think about an LTO/OT subdomain?

It would make it easier to share resources to those teachers picking up teaching assignments. They can be added to Google groups as required.

They already get hcdsb email accounts (yes?), so there is a bit of a precedence.

Not a Google thing, but I have a loaner phone as mine is in the shop.

Is the new password policy for phones with Outlook to have a password? Not even a pin?
This phone has a pretty small screen and typing a password is kind of a pain compares to a pin.

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This looks awesome - think someone can add it? ;) Sketchup in the browser.

I have a student who started on Thursday whose account still hasn't activated. Her name is Mhery Lacanilao with OEN # 929-261-428.

Students are getting a message saying "YOU CAN'T USE CLASSROOM WITH THIS ACCOUNT - ... isn't a G Suite for Education account, so it can't be used with Classroom"

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Does anybody know how we can unblock Lucidpress for students?


His account says "disabled" when trying to log in.

Does anyone in here have any concerns with enabling Inbox for gmail?
Yes, this is a re-post.

Any word on if we'll be able to enable "Inbox "?
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