Please check the status of the following account - she's new, has an OEN (for days), but doesn't seem to have an HCDSB account:

Constanca Da Silva

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Can you please move into the teacher category for Google Classroom?

I have a student who's Google account is disabled "contact and Administrator" but they were still able to login to Windows.

I had them reset their HCDSB password.

Google password now just says "incorrect password"


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You may want to share with your teachers. I've never used this before, but Side Study is an add-on for Google docs that is currently free. It looks really interesting. Check out this video to get an idea:

Can we get access to Hangouts Chat? I would like to try it out as an alternative to Microsoft Teams.

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When teachers go to the W: drive there are sometimes 2 different H: drive folders for each student, but only one is accessible to the student. This makes it really crazy trying to drop files into student folders, which one do you pick? Is the other folder for another purpose? Some are named with partial OENs, some with full OENs. If nothing else it makes life more interesting

Notre Dame teachers are coming to me with an interesting issue... when we type in a student's name into contacts or gmail or classroom the system does not find them. This makes it difficult for teachers to add students to rosters, email lists, etc.


Can we have Google Earth activated in the domain please? I have had a Geography teacher ask about it.

Hi Justin can you please add a new student to the jvanier network: Aiman Hasan
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