World War 3 over and over all because the parents believe we are over protective. Welcome back to Earth, Owl you have had so many mini strokes or TIA's that the Doctors have stopped counting. You can't walk because of the strokes. And Mr. I know everything ... you are legally blind, brittle diabetic, 4 heart attack oxygen dependent COPD patient but of course you can do everything on your own. Oh of course not, everything has been done for you for SIX Decades! Ugh!

Help! I feel like a sandwich cookie. I am raising three teenagers with a wonderful man while attempting to care for two parents who are absolutely infuriating at times. Yes, I declare myself as the sweet filling, but that's my right. I don't ask for much.

My kids are usually pretty easy to care for on a daily basis. It's my parents that are so frustrating. Day to day care isn't the hard part for me. It's the undercurrent of denial that I am dealing with today. I have no issue with my parents aging ... it's the circle of life. The realization that in my parents eyes, I am JUST their daughter! Its the realization that no matter my knowledge, my father in particular, has no respect for my skills and abilities to protect their assets, needs and desires. What do I know ... I just a daughter. I realize that it must be so frustrating for my parents to have no choice in the matter about where they live at the moment. Yet, this is just a moment in time! Why not choose to live and enjoy the beautiful facility that they are currently living at the home with activities, gardens, and chefs cooking excellent food.
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