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About a month ago I downloaded your app “Hail for Lyft” because me and my partners phones had broken and without a car we needed a way to be able to get around. Well in the entire Month or so I’ve had it and the literal hundreds of times I’ve tried to use it and also literal dozens of hours spent desperately trying to get this application to properly it has absolutely refused to do it’s one sole job of successfully executing a ride share order. Many a time we were stuck stranded in unfamiliar, and more than once quite dangerous areas with no secure way to get a ride because your application didn’t and wouldn’t perform it’s promised job. I was going to just call it a loss and go on with my life, but now it seems I can’t update anything in my app store on my MacBook Pro because I owe money on a subscription for this app. I refuse to pay for an app I not only don’t use and don’t want but that doesn’t work. I would kindly appreciate it if you can cancel my subscription since I no longer apparently can. If not please let me know immediately as I will be researching farther steps to take to get this inconvenient annoyance ridded from my life. Thank you and good day.

I’ve been charged twice for multiple locations option. I didn’t even mean to purchase this the first time. How do I get a refund??

how do I log into my Lyft account on my Mac if I don't have access to my phone (to receive the 4 digit code for verification)

how do you get ride history information on iMac

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