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Greetings Webmakers :)

As you might have already seen from an earlier email from us, a few of us have been working on a project called Generation Open (GenOpen) since late 2012. The original goal was to 'Make Something Together', and actually this is still something we hope to do for Maker Party 2013.

Today, marks a big day for us, as we have finally arrived at a point where we have achieved the first major milestone for this initiative. We are proud to announce the launch of the official website for Generation Open at The new website provides groups and individuals with a variety of cool collaborative and social tools. The focus is on learning, mentoring and teaching - but how that happens is up to you.
To raise the excitement, we're launching a Matchmaker Summer Contest, where we invite you do to take part for the fun of collaborating, the thrill of accomplishment and of course some awesome prizes. We invite you to register, and create a group for your collaborative project, or find your collaborative soul-mate in this list of people looking to make something. 
We would also like to take this moment to invite you to join the GenOpen mailing list at!forum/genopen

Lastly, if you have any queries regarding the project, feel free to reply to this thread or email the Google Group at We would be happy to help! :-)

With kind regards!

San Emmanuel James
Community Lead, Mozilla Uganda
Tel. +256775955559, +256711955559

Oopsy, had skipped this community. Great to finally land home! GenOpen is the future....

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Hello Reps ,

I hope you all are doing great ! I am soon going to host a webmaker event to collect answers for the GenOpen youth question in a school. I thought of making our "NEW WEBMAKERS" to answer the question in "Pooh" webmaking style. So , I have created a simple thimble page which can be hacked by youth's to put their response . Here is the published link [1] and the editable link [2].

This is just a sample template so please feel free to hack or localize it on your own way ;-) If you have any suggestions , please feel free to share it.

[1] -

[2] -
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