I wouldn't use the word DIET because it's not a DIET it's a LIFE CHANGE

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#ProtectorFire_and_Safety_Shoes : The Perfect Companion for #Foot_Safety
Choosing the right personal protective equipment can be a complex task. Protector Fire and Safety can help you choose equipment that keeps workers safe and healthy, and makes your facility more productive.
Part of the problem is employers and employees do not know how to select the appropriate #foot_protection. Add to that the nonexistence of an "all-purpose" shoe that protects against every conceivable threat and the complexity of the problem is revealed.
Protector Fire and Safety is a handful of companies for desecration of its foot protection standard each year, but about 200,000 workers suffer foot or toe injuries annually, according to the National Safety Council. Safety experts say these are all preventable injuries. http://goo.gl/lUrTCR

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This lady just went window shopping and what happened to her next will surely shock you. This could happen to you.

CPR & First-Aid was created to spread the word of proper training to live a safer life!
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