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In the darkness of the far future there is only war...

Welcome! If you've joined this community then you're one of the only people who wish to roleplay in the 41st millennium of the far future. And you're very valuable to me! Refer to the about community section for the rules. This pinned post will be for all the links you'll be needing.

New to Warhammer 40,000? That's okay! We'll try our best to get you into the awesome grimdark universe. Here's the places you'll be needing:



~Character Template~



~Adeptus Astartes Chapter~

~Heretic Astartes Warband~

~Aeldari Craftworld~

~Drukhari Kabal~

~Necron Dynasty~

~Ork Klan~

~T’au Sept~

~Astra Militarum Regiment~

Tyranid Splinter/Hive Fleet

~Titan Legions~

~Imperial Knight Houses~


~Adepta Sorotias Order~

~Genestealer Cult~

Feel free to tell me if I missed any!


My Cato Sicarious ears are burning, someone call me?

Does anyone want to RP?
The only character I have belongs to the Blood Pact.

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[Name]: Franz Cassisan

[Age]: Vier und Zwanzig

[Race]: Human

[Gender]: Male

[Hair Color]: Blonde

[Eye Color]: Yellow

[Rank]: Private

[Faction (Normally multiple)]:
-Blood Pact

[Weapons and Gear]:
-Imperial Guard Standard Steel Helmet
-Blood soaked Imperial Guard uniform
-Flak Armor
-Ritual knife
-Stick grenades
-Trench axe

[Skills and Abilities]:
Is good at close-quarters combat.

[Personality and Traits]
Contrite, haughty, fatuous, negligent, rigid, altruistic.

Franz is originally from a backwater planet on the western fringes of the Imperium control space. The planet wasn't the worse but it wasn't good either. He showed interest in two as he was growing up, exploration and the Imperial Guard. He wanted to see all the different worlds. He would take pleasure in reading books about all the different worlds throughout the Imperium. Unfortunately for him, he wouldn't get to live out his dream. He was called to serve in his local imperial guard regiment before he could leave.

He was hardly trained before he was shipped out to fight. His regiment was being shipped to the Sabbat worlds in an attempt to retake it. Practically as soon as they had their feet on the ground, they were under fire. The constant ambushes and horrors he saw started to take their toll on him. Only after a few months of fighting was he ready to throw in the towel. What kept him going were the interactions with his fellow Guardsmen. He had formed a strong bond with them during the short amount of time he was on the planet. This wouldn't last. One day, their platoon was sent out to destroy a supposed blood pact stronghold. On the way there they were ambushed. After seeing one of his close friends take a las-bolt to the face, instinct took over. He ran and hid in a nearby hole. He could still here the clash of the two groups from where he was hiding. All of a sudden, it went quiet. Realizing what he had done, he curled up in the fetal position and thought about his friends.

He soon gathered his courage and went back to the battlefield to see the outcome. There was nothing left. The bodies were cover in las-burns, missing body parts, or naked. The sight of the mangled corpse of his friend combined with everything else he had already experienced caused something inside of him to snap. Before he knew what he was doing, he started to tear the bodies apart, and started smearing the blood within them on his uniform and body. It took him awhile to realize it but he was laughing the entire time. The maniacal laughter attracted more Blood Pact members. They were so pleased with what they were seeing, they decided to take him in. He received new armor, weapons, and was retrained. He now kills his old comrades without hesitation. Every once and awhile, he'll get a feeling of guilt. Guilt for betraying the Imperium. Guilt for killing his old comrades. Guilt for abandoning his friends when they needed him the most. He keeps these feelings and thoughts to himself but they are still there. The only thing that makes this feeling go away is the spilling of blood for the Blood God.
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Of course can’t be too many of these.





[Current Status]:

[Titans]: (keep it small)


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Genestealer Cult Template

[Battle Cry]:



[Hive Fleet Affilation]:

[Date Founded]:



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[Quote]:"where there is metal and code, there is truth and order. Where there is flesh and bone, there are mistakes and lies"

[Name]: Stroika unit-44

[Age]: 251



[Rank]: sergeant


[Weapons and Gear]:arc pistol, power sword

[Skills and Abilities]:small deflector shield (deflects light arms), scan capabilities​

[Personality and Traits]:Stroika is typically friendly but will not hesitate to attack his enemies

Stroika is part of the skitarri vanguard of forge world Lucius, leading his squad into the heart of battle. Stroika carrys an arc pistol and a power sword with him, many of his enemies blood spilt with both deadly weapons.

Stroika was born on terra itself, but later left to forge world Lucius where he was augmented on his 32 birthday. He started as a ranger but quickly moved his way up the ranks. He was at the fall of cardia, fighting alongside Belisarius cawl's forces to slow Abbadon forces.

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Tau template

Oh god i am not as well versed in 40k as i thought i was, can anyone pp me and help me create a profile? I have ideas, but i wanna stay lore friendly

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Regiment Name]: The Black Ares Guard

[Regiment Type]: Drop Troopers

[Regiment Homeworld]: Ares Prime

[Regiment Size]: Medium

[Leader]: General James Raynor

[Tactics]: Drop in behind enemy lines and push the enemy back hard with artillery and vehicle support

[Vehicle Number]: 2,000

[Regiment History]: The Ares Battlion was born on Ares prime they were at first a low paid and supplied regiment with flintlock Lasguns that fired single shots and they could barely hold itself together that was until colonel Jame Raynor came he whipped the guardsmen right into shape even with there poor weapons and not a moment to soon because a large ork war band had arrived and planned to sack the planet with barely enough supplies the regiment had no choice but to use hit and run tactics and it worked well very well to the fact that they soon pushed the orks off there planet when the imperium heard of this they quickly promoted James to a general of the regiment and gave the regiment more supplies weapons and armour they soon became know as the the black Ares guard since there armour was Black and they dropped on the enemy in the dead of night
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