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Quotes: “I will destroy Mega Man X, whatever it takes, and no matter how many of those do-gooding Maverick Hunters get in my way!!” “One way or another, I will make sure to complete my objective, which is destroying you X!!!”

Full Name: X-Kai

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Villain

Specs: Assumed to surpass those of Mega Man X

Abilities: Dashing, Dash Jumping, Variable Air Dashing, Variable Weapons System (presumably)

Primary Weapon: Kai-Buster (X-Kai’s answer to the X-Buster)

Special Weapons: Shotgun Ice, Electric Spark, Rolling Shield, Homing Torpedo, Boomerang Cutter, Chameleon Sting, and Storm Tornado.

Armor Sets: N/A

Personality: X-Kai is presumably the moral opposite of Mega Man X, meaning that he has personality traits that are the exact opposite of his heroic counterpart. He is ruthless, cunning, and often loves to cause chaos, creating destruction wherever he goes, making him a very dangerous opponent.

Allies: The X-Hunters (Serges, Violen, and Agile), Sigma

Bio: Long ago when Dr. Wily had stolen Mega Man’s blueprint from Dr. Light, a prototype was built. However with Zero’s development now moving forward, the prototype was discarded and forgotten. During the formation of the X-Hunters, the robot was found and completed by an unknown individual, designed using state-of-the-art technology that marginally surpassed the specifications of Mega Man X, the target of the X-Hunters. He was then assigned to be the leader of the X-Hunters, and is the last of them after the others were defeated. He was given the name X-Kai, and sought out to find and destroy X, no matter what he had to do to achieve that objective.

Notes: X-Kai does not possess any armor evolution and only has the powers that X gained during the first Maverick Uprising, and has yet to gain any other special abilities.

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Quotes: "Mavericks? This must be Sigma's work!" "As long as there's hope, we can change the future." "I'll finish this, right here, right now!! I WILL DEFEAT YOU SIGMA!!!!"

Full Name: Mega Man X

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Hero


"Limitless Potential"
- The ability to evolve beyond any other Reploid's design, including those of Sigma and Zero.
- Allows X to move faster on the ground for one second.
Dash Jumping
- Jumping while in the middle of a Dash
Horizontal Air Dash
- Dashing to the left or right in midair (Can be done after a Dash Jump)
Vertical Air Dashing
- Acts as a sort of Double Jump that allows X to dash straight up.
Variable Weapons System
- This is equipped in X's X-Buster, allowing him to obtain Special Weapons (listed below) from his fallen foes
Adaptable Armor
- X has obtained armor parts from Dr. Light's hidden capsules and can use the Armors on the fly as needed.

Primary Weapon: X-Buster (Mega Buster Mark 17)

Special Weapons:
- Shotgun Ice, Electric Spark, Rolling Shield, Homing Torpedo, Boomerang Cutter, Chameleon Sting, Storm Tornado, Fire Wave
- Sonic Slicer, Strike Chain, Spin Wheel, Bubble Splash, Speed Burner, Silk Shot, Magnet Mine, Crystal Hunter
- Acid Burst, Tornado Fang, Triad Thunder, Spinning Blade, Ray Splasher, Gravity Well, Parasitic Bomb, Frost Shield
- Lightning Web, Soul Body, Aiming Laser, Double Cyclone, Rising Fire, Frost Tower, Ground Hunter, Twin Slasher
- Crescent Shot, Goo Shaver, Tri-Thunder, Firefly Laser, Dark Hold, Wing Spiral, Ground Fire, Spike Fall
- Yammar Option, Ground Dash, Magma Blade, Ice Burst, Meteor Rain, Metal Anchor, Guard Shell, Ray Arrow
- Volt Tornado, Splash Laser, Circle Blaze, Moving Wheel, Sniper Missile, Wind Cutter, Explosion, Gaea Shield
- Green Spinner, Shining Ray, Shadow Runner, Squeeze Bomb, Crystal Wall, Thunder Dancer, Drift Diamond, Melt Creeper

Armor Sets: Light Armor (X1), Giga Armor (X2), Max Armor (X3), Force Armor (X4), Falcon Armor (X5), Gaea Armor (X5), Blade Armor (X6), Shadow Armor (X6), Glide Armor (X7), Neutral, Hermes, and Icarus Armors (X8), Ultimate Armor (X4, X5, X6, X8)

Personality: X possesses a strong will and great sense of justice, intolerant of crime and violence wherever it pops up. He's compassionate, and is a pacifist at heart. This can at times clash with his duties as a Maverick Hunter. He can't understand his enemies or Sigma or their motivation for their actions, and often becomes frustrated when any sort of violence occurs. As the series progressed, he began to question his reason for fighting, to the point of even refusing to sortie because of the destruction that came about from his duties. However, he's had the assistance and guidance of Zero to guide him and help him realize the importance of their battle, helping to shape him into a powerful warrior in his own right.

Allies: Zero, Axl, Alia, Layer, Pallette, Commander Signas, etc.

Bio: X is the direct successor to Mega Man, a robot created by Dr. Thomas Light in the year 20XX. X was designed to be the template for a new series of robots that could think and feel for themselves, possessing a free will just like humans. Dr. Light feared for X's morale programming, and that he may be set in the wrong path later in life. To keep this from happening, he sealed X away to undergo a series of tests to help him determine right from wrong for the next 30 years, but it wouldn't be until 100 years later he would be discovered and reawakened by an archeologist named Doctor Cain. Cain used his designs to create this new line of machines called Reploids, who have the ability to think and feel for themselves. He later becomes a Maverick Hunter, a machine tasked with hunting Reploids who have gone rogue and broke the laws of robotics. Fighting alongside his partner, Zero (who he is very close to and regards as his best friend), X helps to rid the world of injustice but most importantly, against one of their former fellow Maverick Hunters turned most persistent foe, Sigma. X is special not just for his free will, but his limitless potential, possessing the ability to grow beyond any other Reploid's design. It is this potential that could make him unstoppable if he decided to side with evil and the reason Dr. Light sealed him away in the first place.

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Name: Cary "Lilith the III" Swan

Age: 21

Eye color: Light Blue

Hair color: Black and White

Weight: 124

Height: 5'7"

Weapon: Katana, arrows and guns

Gender: female

Alias: Snow Vampire

Affiliation: Good

Brothers: Marcus Swan and William Swan

Sister: Mia Swan

Mother: Rolanda Swan

Father: Joseph Swan

Uncle: Gordon Freeman

Allies: Mellka, Ripley, Deande, Marcus Fenix, Del, Kait, Frank West, Ethan Winters, Mia Winters, Nova, Vorador and etc.

Enemies: Samuel, Lilith, Ultratech, Swarm, Deadshot, Varelsi, Demons, Xenomorph, COG Minister Jinn, DeeBees, Dr. Breen, Delilah Cooperspoon and etc.

Members: SHIELD, Battleborn, Avengers Dark, BSAA, The Alliance and Justice League Dark

Love Internets: War, JD Fenix, Ghalt, Wesker, Kian, Seth Gecko, Reid and Chris Redfield

Bio: A young girl who was born in San Francisco, California. She's study at music, photography, history and art with her brother, Marcus from Raccoon City College. After when the Raccoon City was destroy and also she's a savior of Raccoon City. She and her brother will rescue Ethan and Mia Winters from the bandit house. At the night, some monsters who taking her mother, Rolanda. She joins her allies to save her mother before it's too late.

RP Template
Alias (if any):

The template is kept simple so that we won't get overly complicated, especially since Marvel vs Capcom gets characters from all kinds of series on both sides. Remember this is a basic guideline of things you MUST provide about your character. If you want to add more info that that on to your character profile, it is totally allowed and welcomed.

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(Open RP)
Our worlds.. have become linked to theirs. Things are still going a bit crazy... but our worlds are starting to have contact and communication with one another. We have made friends with their heroes, and we now prepare to face their villains, along with ours. I am TJ Trevors, the Spider-Man of Earth 5, and defending my world from evil is what I do.

Awesome!! I'll Post My Bio Soon

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Name: TJ Trevors
Alias: The Marvelous Spider-Man
Age: 16
Good/Evil: Good
Bio: TJ has been the Spider-Man of Earth 5 for two years. When his world connects to other Marvel worlds... that suddenly get connected to Capcom worlds, things start to go crazy. TJ is the youngest member of Earth 5's Avengers and the suit he currently wears is a state of the art tech suit made for him as a gift from Tony Stark/Iron Man. With the new connections across the worlds made, TJ will try his best to protect the worlds of both Marvel and Capcom from their various villains.
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