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STATUS (May 15, 2017)

Current Version: 2.1.1
Current Beta Version: 2.2 BETA 2
Downloads: 1,525,000

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Right-to-left languages!

We're adapting all screens in TimeTune to right-to-left languages. This will allow us to add two long-time requested translations: Arabic and Persian (Farsi).

If everything goes according to plan, these new translations will be available on the next release (2.2). Stay tuned for the new version! ;)

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TimeTune 2.2 BETA 2 !

A new version has been uploaded to the beta channel. The main change this time is that now you can create events on TimeTune!

TimeTune events are the equivalent to calendar events but with our powerful customization and notifications, plus other management options that will be added in future versions.

We hope you like the new feature! ;)

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Which icon will be the next TimeTune icon?

While we are re-running some of the experiments to have more data, here's a small recap: for the moment, icons #3 and #5 have been already discarded, as they didn't perform well on the experiments. But icons #1, #2, #4 and #6 performed significantly better than our current 'tt' icon.

Now that you can see them side by side, which one do you prefer? which one do you think better represents the spirit of the app?

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TimeTune Events!!

On the next release you will be able to create events in TimeTune! Events will be the best companion for your routine because they will allow you to create activities that happen outside a routine schedule, like one-off appointments.

Events are the equivalent of calendar events but with our powerful customization, notifications and other options we have in store for the future.

Stay tuned, soon in beta! ;)

I love using timetune, however, I constantly feel the need to know how much time is left of a current activity.

Would love if you can develop such very useful feature. 

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Icon experiment #6

Some users commented with good reason that experiment #4 looked like a siren or alarm icon. This variation, while trying to avoid that appearance, checks other boxes:

- It includes the hourglass shape as the time reference.
- It includes the 'tune' or 'frequency tuning' reference.
- It's simple (very important for easy-to-recognize icons).
- It's unique (it stands out when put among other time-related apps).

What do you think about this experiment?
Would you like to see this icon in your status bar?

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Icon experiment #5

This experiment is a variation of experiment #1 where we tried to solve two major issues: we removed the background circle so that the icon becomes simpler, and we changed the gear shape to avoid confusion with a settings app.

What do you think about this icon?
Which one do you prefer so far?

A perfect app for those who wants to change their life habits!

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A simple hack helped us reduce support requests by 90%! This is how we did it!
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