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This is an animation I did earlier this year, and even got it featured at a show. Hope you enjoy!

Hello there, and welcome to the Mashit Animations community!

Here we will be discussing all sorts of topics regarding the art of animation! I also intend on sharing various works by all sorts of artists, particularly lesser-known ones like myself. You can also feel free to share anything fitting the subject if you so desire...

This community is for any fans of the art, as well as the curious would-bes...Even if you aren't particularly fond of it, but have something to say on the subject, feel free to express your opinions...Just be courteous while you do so...

Some of the things I intend to share are my own works, which will be displayed on Youtube. Updates on my plans as well as advertising will be provided on Facebook. I will keep an extra blog on the subject on Tumblr. And I will be using an up-and-coming website called Candid ( where I will post shorter opinions. Other sites like Twitter will be in consideration as well.

There will be no particular schedule (at least not right now), so just feel free to post whatever fits the subject (and isn't too inappropriate for a community like this), and I will post anything I feel obliged to share. This will include animations, videos about animation, and simple comments or written articles.

It will be a pleasure to discuss this topic!
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