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Goodman Games has started a Kickstarter for creating a Lankhmar Box Set. Stretch goals include plenty of adventures and cool maps and such. Follow the link to sign up!

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Goodman Games has already published three Nehwonian adventures recently. Now they're teasing us with the promise of more in early 2017.

Every Lankhmar RPG out there has rules for magical corruption which causes physical mutations. Is this just based on the fact that Sheelba and Ningauble are freaky looking, or is there something else in the fiction that says or suggests that the misuse of magic will actually warp you physically? I can't think of any time that ever happens, off the top of my head.

In The Unholy Grail, Mouse became animalistic, unaware of his surroundings, maniacally obsessed with his spell-casting, and uncharacteristically cruel to Ivrian, while he was working black magic. I could (assuming Sheelba and Ningauble weren't ever human to begin with) definitely see this kind of mental/emotional corruption as being what the misuse of magic really does to someone, rather than warping them physically.

Hello I'm new here I noticed that savage worlds Lankhmar hasn't been mentioned so I thought I would post the information.

Hi everybody! Do you know if there's any homebrew rules to play in the "Change War" scenario, for any RPG (indie or not)? Thanx!

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Hi everybody. I'm Patxi, from the Basque Country in Spain, and I just created a blog about Fritz Leiber. I've played RPG for 25 years and I still play every friday. I think Leiber is very interesting not only as a writer, but as a gamer too (remember Lankhmar, the tabletop game). 

I'm doing a research job in Dragon Magazine about Fritz Leiber, so if any is interested in it and knows spanish, I invite you to visit my blog. Also, I find the resources in both webpages (Lankhmar and Scrolls...) very useful.


Hi everybody.
To get ready for a Nehwon roleplaying campaign I'll be running soon, I've been going back and rereading all of the Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser stories. While doing so I came across something that might be interesting to discuss with other fans. 
It seems to me that Klesh, as described in The Circle Curse, is an island that lies somewhere south of the Lankhmar continent. Every map I have ever seen of Nehwon notes Klesh as being on the southernmost part of the Lankhmar continent, but the description I read, while vague, did get me thinking. Does anyone know if the geographical location of Klesh is ever further elaborated upon? Off the top of my head I can't think of any stories where it is.
I also seem to remember reading that Fritz Leiber himself had nothing to do with making the map in the books and remarked that they were only "more or less right". Could the maps be wrong? what do you all think?

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I'm adding a comment engine page by page to the Scrolls.  I'm starting with the pages with completed content.

Leiber references Clark Ashton Smith in Our Lady of Darkness and also has read aloud some of CAS's stories in public.  I have the five volume Collected Fantasies of CAS that came out a few years back and I'm just getting started with volume 1.

I just read The Abominations of Yondo.  It's a nice bit of built-up atmosphere and dread in the tradition of H.P. Lovecraft, and the after-notes indicate that Yondo was sparked by CAS's correspondence with HPL.

The story sent me running to the dictionary at least a dozen times with words such as mephitic, ophidian, and fulvous.  Perhaps GMs should try to incorporate words like this in to their games for their atmospheric value, or then again the players may start scratching their heads.

Check out the opening sentence:

"The sand of the desert of Yondo is not as the sand of other deserts; for Yondo lies nearest of all to the world's rim; and strange winds, blowing from a gulf no astronomer may hope to fathom, have sown its ruinous fields with the grey dust of corroding planets, the black ashes of extinguished suns."
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