me +Emerald Zetto and +therealestJ24 lasal were chasing after a kishin I turn into a chain scythe

Open rp

walks around admiring the view of building and gets a feeling someone is watching I'm no meister so I can't see souls but why do I have a feeling someone is following me joshua walks away a little bit quicker yet more alert until you finally did something

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Soren and Zen are just walking around wondering where everyone is, but realize there is no school that day. They both find themselves at the front arguing

"Soren, you said it was right here!"
"Zen I know it was, but maybe we missed a turn!"

You walk over and hear them yelling about how to get to the death room, You...

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Name: Soren


Gender: Genderfluid!

Partner: Zen

Can see souls yes or no: Yup

Bio: Soren was just always how he is.
Soren is Gender fluid, but mostly uses Him, his, he, Sometimes soren will use Her, she, Hers,

First pic is when they first met, second one is later on, and the third is current
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Name: Raku Zen (Zen Raku)

Age: 17

Gender: Agender

Partner: Soren

Can see souls: nope

Bio: Zen has always thought that they aren't male or female, so became Agender, At birth they were a 'He'.
Zen often uses He, him, his, they them, their terms.
Zen is a multi-weapon, Sword, Bow and arrows, and a Hammer. Its rare, but sometimes Zen will speak in Other languages.
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Open rp to +Xavier Esquivel​ and +Hueyuzumaki Xl

the final battle of the tournament was going to start the ones who made it from the start will battle.... Xavier, Alex, and Joshua prepare to battle against black star and tsubaki as they make it towards the arena they prepare to battle

Open rp

joshua was minding his own business outside the DWMA when suddenly a kishin duo appear and start attacking

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Can see souls:yes
Bio:never tell

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Jasper a dark dragon
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