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New scorio Music Notator for Android: We fixed the pdf downloading issue. Thanks for your reports!

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Our shiny new, completely refurbished scorio Music Notator App for Android is now available on Google Play:
Happy composing!

We have been working like crazy. Soon, we will publish our completely  overhauled notator app for iPad and Android. Stay tuned ...

Welcome to scorio community, Nils!

Is there any reason that there is no Lilypond import in Scorio?
Is the music presented differently in Scorio behind the scenes?

Welcome to the scorio community, Alvaro!

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scorio 1.1.8 is now online with MIDI keyboard input, MIDI import and more.
Here is the changelog:

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MIDI input to scorio with the fabulous Jazz Plugin - How to get started:

* Install the Jazz Plugin from (Windows or Mac)

* Plugin a USB MIDI keyboard to your computer

* Check on the Jazz Plugin page that the MIDI keyboard is working:

* Open scorio editor:

* Direct note entry into editor: With a USB keyboard plugged in, notes with the value set in the toolbar can be entered.

* Note durations can be changed with the number keys (e.g. "4" for quarter). One hand plays, the other hand changes note durations.

* The MIDI device can be chosen in the settings dialog (Menu => Tools => MIDI Settings), if you want to switch between keyboards.

* Quantized recording input is available for pro users (Menu => Tools => Record MIDI).[/list]

If you need more help, you can check the full length help page:

I was looking at Scorio as a tool to create Transcriptions of bass lines and share them with other bass players.
Looking at the Terms&Conditions it looks like it will be questionable if this is an accepted use of Scorio. The basslines are created by the original bass players and the songs themselves of course also not by me or someone who would participate. Strictly seen we have no rights to the material except for the transcription itself.

So would it be acceptable to use Scorio for this?

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Introduction how to write music with scorio editor
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