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Hello everyone even if you just joined, Welcome to da Community :D Everyone must be frands, even though haters hate, But CHU MUST LOVE OwO If you just joined, please say hi and yeah...  I will be posting everyday, okay!  Once again Welcome to the community! if you just met me, thats fine, :D Anyone that hasn't subscribed, Subscribe!  :D Byeeeeee ~Wickeddness

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My Role Play SELFFIE

Hey Guys, i know we only have 4 members, well thats fine. Invite Your Friends!

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Here's my video Dont be haters.

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Sup everyone. Welcome to random chat! Whos ready to party XP WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!! oh guys, VOTE!!!!!

BAD voice, OR  GOOD Voice??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? BE TRUTHFUL.

Okay so people click the Youtube Chat to comment, this is YouTube Chat, K? Okay so, id like to have everyone make a small video about who they are on aj, and all of my members, state your username if i am not your buddy, Thanks guys, Remember just a small video, then upload and link to here, No one shall be judged, i promise. ill even link one, i just uh, gotta make it firsties. (FIRSTIESSSS) okay so, and my newbies i welcome you to Wickedd's Community. i just noticed i spell community wrong on the home page... oh crap, ill be fixing that, if may be already fixed once you see this... idk okay guys, ill off to make my meh video 

This Request Chat is so anyone with AJMV requests, or any requests, like a subject to make a video on, you don't have to just ask me, but anyone in the community. Don't feel embarrassed, to ask i dont want anyone to be scarred. 

This chat is for when you're sad, or having troubles in your life,  i'm a nice person, i'd never judge, Don't be scared to chat about how you feel. if anyone Comments something mean, i will get on them. And for you mean people out there, If You Got Something Mean To Say Don't Say It At ALL. Guys, if your life is hard, and you feel bad, just chat up here, don't feel bad. :)

i made awesome lazonyah. its awesome, pepporoni, angel hair pasta, and cheeze. 
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