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Beyond our world

The scenario of the 21st century
Which quell by spirituality of love
That blinds our bosom decency
That workout for resistless desire

It's world of materialism
That turn into romantism
We are know onto rasism
Which brings about capitalism

I keep wondering of my friends
Those go beyond romance
Which drives beyond friendship
Beyond we ever had before

We ruin out of religion
We contempt our norms and ethics
We focus our goals on dollars
We initiate terror and warship

It was indistinct and limitless
It wasn't here or there and it was
It wasn't publically and freely
It never made me feel good nor bad

We all wants to live evermore
We all watch our dreams by
We all need to probe the deep end
We all wish to touch the sky

It's really hard to imagine
A world that's all okay
A place where everything is perpect
That all dreams become reality.

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Amazon is at it again..and authors don't like it one bit. What do you think?

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How hard is your writing working for you?

via +Michael Kelberer 

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Head's up! +Ellen Britt has interviewed TFOI writer  +Penny Sansevieri on her #PinkCoattails podcast.

I can't wait to listen to this one!
When +Penny Sansevieri  she saw the opportunity in self-publishing, she jumped...right out of the corporate world and into entrepreneurship. Find out how she did it today on Pink Coattails! #digitalpublishing #selfpublishing   #pinkcoattails #womeninbusiness  

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Do you struggle with cover design on your books?
Advice from a master...


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Authors and online entrepreneurs are you looking for excellent advice, tips and strategies to get your content out to a bigger market?

+Penny Sansevieri has got you covered with this outstanding list of 30 websites for indie authors. I regularly read a lot of these blogs and add my recomendation. Find 2 to 3 that resonate for you and follow the authors, subscribe to their blogs and connect. 

Congrats to +The Future of Ink authors who are included: +Shelley Hitz+Frances Caballo and +Ellen Britt 

#indieauthor   #digitalpublishing   #authortips  
Here are our Top 30 Favorite Websites for Indie Authors!

Trying to build your writing and publishing career is a challenge. There’s a lot of information out there, and trying to discern a solid piece of advice from fluff or inaccurate data isn’t always easy. We are lucky to know a lot of really outstanding industry people who offer great insights, super tips, and valued feedback on a variety of marketing topics and publishing options. Here’s our list of the top 30 blogs and bloggers we really respect. We hope you’ll follow them, too!

Congrats to everyone who made the list!

+Ellen Britt +Denise Wakeman +Joel Friedlander +Jeff Goins +Mary Jaksch +Jane Friedman +Shelley Hitz +Heather Hart +Rachelle Gardner +Cathy Stucker +Duolit, Your Self-Publishing Team +Catherine Ryan Howard +Julie Isaac +Sarah Bolme +Frances Caballo +Louise Myers  +Writer Unboxed +Hugh Howey +Joanna Penn +CJ Lyons +Joe Konrath +Sean Platt

#bookmarketingtips #bookmarketing2014 #bookmarketing #marketingtipsforauthors #bookmarketing  

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Do you check your sources before you tweet or post on Facebook? 

Great post from +Frances Caballo's blog on social media for writers.

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Indie authors, this is for you.

2014 +Smashwords Survey by +Mark Coker 

Lots of data reveals opportunities for indie ebook authors.

#selfpublishing   #digitalpublishing   #indieauthor  
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