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The 2017 “Vegas to Reno” is the longest off-road race in the United States and it is a 1-day race with approximately 550 miles! The race will be on Friday, August 18, 2017 and run into Saturday morning.
Tome schedule 2017 V2R raceday:
5:15am Motorcycle/Quad Staging
5:45am 1st Professional Motorcycle Leaves the Start Line
8:45am Car/Truck/UTV staging
9:30am 1st Professional Car/Truck Leaves the Start Line #Vegas2Reno #V2R #Offroadracing #USAOffroad #BitD #BestintheDesert

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Larry Roeseler is ready for the 2017 49th edition of Baja 500. He's always a force to keep in mind when racing Baja. Tons of wins and experience racing the peninsula!
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2017 Baja 500 course map. The race course is set to cover 515 miles and will start and finish in Ensenada. This year marks the 49th anniversary of the Baja 500 race which will take place between May 31st and June 4th 2017.
A couple of sections of the race course that will be new to many racers.
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Andy McMillin TSCO Racing Mint 400 - "Andy Mac" and Brady Thompson drive the TSCO Racing built Trophy truck to and 2nd place finish at the 2016 Mint 400.
"New Future Weapon" by Billy Idol as background tunes very suitable :)
#Mint400 #AndyMcMillin +Trophy Trucks +Marque Division +Offroad +Offroad Union +Baja Off-Road

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The 1992 running of the Baja 1000. The Silver Anniversary.

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2017 Parker 425 Class 10's, #TrophyTrucks, Class 1's, Bryce Menzies, Robby Gordon, Dan McMillin
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4x4 Geiser Bros Trophy Truck - they have one raced on such a long race before?? I recall some BitD races they look pretty good

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The Imperial Valley 250 - Highlights of Steven Eugenio and Steve Covey at the SCORE IV250. Steven Eugenio had an incredible day leading the whole race from mile 1 but just 5 miles of the finish line the timing belt on Zeus broke, ending his race.
#ImperialValley250 #SCOREIntl #Offroad #DesertRacing #TrophyTruck +Desert Series +Offroad +Offroad Union +Trophy Truck SCORE - Trick Truck BitD 

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#Mint400   trick truck Nr 98 Gary Weyhrich, and co-rider Jason Duncan finished 7th at the BITD Mint 400 Race. The G-2 truck was torn up at the end... The course was brutally rough and dusty. They smashed the hood attempting to get around Class 1500 winner, Sam Berri 1549 on Lap 2. Two flat tires and jacking issues would also slow their roll

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY Video! Back in the day! The year was 1995 SCORE Fireworks 250. The race consisted of 12 laps around the 21 mile course. This race had more Trophy Truck entries at that time than any other in the history of off road racing. The starter list included many off road racing legends. Some of them are still winning races today. After a day of great racing and a very close finish Paul Simon of Simon & Simon Racing came away with the victory. Jason Baldwin, Ivan Stewart and Robbie Gordon came in 2,3,4.
Names of the drivers in the video in order of appearance.
Walker Evans
Jason Baldwin
Jim Baldwin
Jimmy Smith
Brian Stewart
Ivan Stewart
Curt LeDuc
Rob McCachren
Roger Mears
Paul Simon
Bob Richey
Danny Letner
Robby Gordon
Jimmy Johnson
#TrophyTruck #JimmyJohnson #SCOREFireworks250 #IvanStewart +Offroad +Offroad Union +Off-Road LIVE +Trophy Truck SCORE - Trick Truck BitD +Baja Off-Road +Off Road Series Short Course Racing 
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