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Hey guys I have finally cracked it. We have been lost for answers but I have it. We have been wondering for so long how are we going to create crossover events well what if we use discord. Consider, how about we create a discord server and what we do is that we write the story by playing a game I used to play when I was younger what we do is we write a paragraph each in an order until we have enough for a chapter. For instance, I write a paragraph and post it, then Paul, then Noor and we repeat so on and so forth.

Right so guys what if our superhero verses remained separate until some sort of event allows us to create a world and sort of bring some of our characters into it.

Right so guys. I have reached a conundrum. I'm working on a speedster inspired by the flash tv show and I have almost no original ideas on how he got his powers of speed. I'm working on it and I'm pretty sure that it will come to me eventually. Well i this post is for suggestions for the speedster or even if you have an idea for a character in my universe which will coincide with your universe when it comes to crossovers. Let me know

Hey guys. I'm ready to reveal my project. My part is about a select group of people with superhuman abilities called the outcasts. They have received their abilities through one of three ways.
1.) Experimentation
2.) Alien technology
3.) Child of a god or prophet
These people have unique abilities and do this project I had drew inspiration from the x men movies.
I'm working on the first part of the story now.

Well Paul I have an idea on how our characters could meet. This idea stemmed from my hatred of a technique which films such as Batman vs supeman was guilty for. For instance man of steel had no mention of the Batman or his work even before superman was noticed, yet in Batman vs superman he becomes a big figure but this gave me the idea that there could be multiple versions of each character. One in the few realities that they exist and there could be a few characters that exist in the same realities. For instance there could be realities that they could meet and others where no one has ever heard of each other. This could be used for solo storylines.

Hey guys I know that this is kinda early but I have an endgame idea. For now we build up our multiverse and when we feel that we near enough reached the end then we take the survivors of each reality of the series and send them to the dark dimension which I had brought up with Paul and basically the realm is a darker version of ancient Rome and Greece. This event would be like a combination of the movie predators and captain America civil war. These characters fall into different factions. It would probably be like game of thrones. As if like the winning faction rules over the multiverse but none of that coming together and stopping the factions bullshit. These characters rise and are no longer superheroes. They are now ruthless warriors.

Alright this is one scene I'm building the story of my first hero around also the format I think we should to distinguish our selves when we're doing individual stories

Author:Paul Harrison
Character name: Delta Six
Story,issue,volume title,: Tier one justice
 Roaring threw the night a muscle car making a getaway speeds threw the streets a man in the back firing off a submachine gun out the window. In pursuit was an armored black supercar the bullets simply bouncing off it's armor as it increased in speed. The supercar caught up quickly beginning to tailgate the criminals. It rammed into the back of the muscle car hard causing the criminals to spin out and crash into the side of a lamp post. The driver slammed the breaks and swiftly turned the car around drifting so it faced the crashed muscle car.

  The driver of muscle car was done for the count  the gunner thrown from the vehicle his fate either dead or wounded. Two passengers managed to get out and pulled out handguns aiming them. However in a split second to gunshots broke out from a rifle. Both passengers were shot down quickly bullets to the arms. Then slowly strolling over his boots marching towards them d slowly and carrying an assault rifle in one walked man who never quit a man you couldn't bribe or intimidate a man who’d complete his objectives. He stood over the two criminals decked in grey and black spec ops tactical gear that had titanium in plants in certain areas. His face was concealed behind a mask and combat goggles. The two criminals lost all color in their face.

“Who the hell are you?” Questioned one wounded man.

   The commando acted as if he hadn't heard the question simply grabbing the gangster and throwing him against the crashed car. He held him there and stared into the mans very eyes the gangster could only see the cruel black lenses of the goggles. He tinted his grip.

“You were shipping drugs.” The vigilante man said with his dark soulless voice.

“You got no evidence.” The gangster replied.

“Shut up and listen!” The vigilante commando demanded annoyed by the gangster, “I interrupted your deal I know what you're doing. Now if you want to live you’ll comply understood.”

“I ain't no snitch.” The man said calling his bluff.

  He then found a pistol placed right under his temple and gulped a little. Now he wasn't sure if he wanted to risk it or not.

“You are what you need to be to survive,” The vigilante replied, “Now tell me where did you get these drugs? from where did you have them loaded in your car? Where were they made?”

   The gangster began to sweat stuck between a rock and a hard place on one hand he wanted to live on the other hand if they knew it was him who snitched he wouldn't. The vigilante soldier lost patients firing the pistol past his ear and whipping him in the head. Hard not that it hurt not hard enough to knock him out. He then placed the pistol under the man’s chin once again.

“I'm going to count to three.” The vigilante replied knowing he still had another prisoner.

“Alright! alright!,” Said the gangster realising this man meant business, “There's a warehouse run by a good well off company by day and run by us by night everything you ask happens there.”

“I want an address.”

   Minutes later the armored hyper car took off down the road leaving the gangsters behind. The vigilante commando didn't kill when he felt he didn't need to. Sure that gang man might warn the warehouse he was coming. However they would hear it's one guy and most likely choose to stand and fight. He was new here never had this city had a vigilante like him the criminals ran the streets like a police force. They were over confident something that he’d expose and use to his advantage. In all his experience if there was one thing he knew it was don't get cocky.

  The men at the warehouse had indeed received a call and thought they'd put this vigilante threat done before it even had the chance to grow. They had their gunmen doubling up on their guard shifts. They had gotten extra men in the warehouse. They still made sure drugs were being produced packaged and put in cars as quickly as possible. The warehouse boss watched from his office gun in hand. He was indeed confident this vigilante would be killed in a fast manner.

   Then all the sudden to everyone’s surprise the power went out. All the lights faded out everything went to black. All the men scattered as they searched for flash lights. Then they heard a door creak open. Fully automatic gun fire followed sending a chill down everyone’s spine. They all went for their guns holding position ready to take out anything that moves.

   The vigilante moved threw with night vision goggles ready to go as quickly shot down numerous gangsters. Some fired off their weapons in a panic but were quickly gunned down before they could continue. Then found where they were making the drugs and took out a match lighting it on fire. Everyone scattered from the warehouse as a huge fire broke out and spread. The vigilante then left as the fire quickly spread heading outside. He’d given them a chance to run and most of them did. Then he heard a gun click.

“Who do you think you are!” Yelled the boss who had followed the vigilante outside, “You know whose warehouse this is. He’ll slaughter you and your family.”

   The vigilante stopped walking and stood still. He looked over his shoulder hand on his hand gun. He whipped around two gun shots cracked at the exact same time another following behind. The vigilante had taken a single shot two the chest which didn't even penetrate the armor. The boss had two in both his shoulder blades. He fell over wounded the vigilante strolled over and looked at the crime boss face to face.

“He already did,” The vigilante replied remembering information was given knowing this man was very important to manufacturing of drugs for his gang.

“Listen we can talk this out.” The crime boss pleaded seeing the vigilante aim the pistol at him.

“Give me something that makes you important.” The vigilante replied.


“Fine.” The vigilante replied one last load gunshot echoed.

  The vigilante then returned to his car leaving the scene fairly quickly. He was done for tonight his statement to the city made. It was read loud and clear this man was not ok with the current status quo and the he was going to fix it or die trying.


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Alright project finished turned in presented now back to work. I'll start by briefly describing the three heroes I'm working on and explain origins later.
First up we got Tier One
The idea spawned from my personal obsession with elite groups. Tier one is a term to descibes the deadliest men in a military branch. Given highly classified mission that require the up most skill and intelegence. This guy is from a top secret Tier one program that he retired from. Now he's a world class vigilante fighting orginized crime where it exists.

The Star vanguard (name might change to Star soldier Star warroir or something entirely different)
Micheal Core was an army ranger nick named the Syfi guy for he was obsessed with science fiction. Now out in the galaxy there's two types of worlds peaceful more artistic worlds and warroir imperlistic worlds with no shortage o f mercenary factions. Micheal is recruited into the intergalactic vanguard who protect innocents against the evil imperlistic worlds. Threw a crazy chain of events he becomes the last vanguard and assumes the duty of the entire vanguard army. He is powered with the deadliest weapons and battle armor that enhances many gentic enhancements to make him super.

Last but certainly not least The Paladin: The last order of knights has been around since the holy crusades built by the last templar. The order became international adopting a verity of warriors and fighting styles. They fight for the weak and attack those who abuse power and commit injust. Street Cop Peter Chris is recruited into their ranks and becomes a modern knight. They genticaly enhance him train him in a veirty of martial arts and sword fighting style. Then gift him knights armor which in this case grants the user increased speed,agility,strength of course durability.

Now in addition we have one mercenary who will travel from villian to anti hero to mabye even hero. He is named Venator. A mercenary whose been around since world war one. He's basically a darker and more gritty captain America. He is one of the few remaining former members of the famed green company. A mercenary guild that's been around since the days of Babylon. With this being said he has mastered every fighting style since that age. Along with mastery Marksman ship. He is also an expert tactician who can out think or out fight the other three heroes given the right opportunity.

Now I'll form a bunch of stories starting with origins obviously which I'll condense into summerized prezi so we have the nessecary information for continuity purposes and eventually when we build crossovers so we all under stand each others characters for universal events we'll discuss.
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Alright I've had to cease every thing I'm working on because of a school project in which I have to write a historical fiction story that goes over an aspect of american history we didn't cover that's my choice and it's due in two weeks. I have to cover 1943-2017 in the aspect I chose. so originally I planned to have a hero with a full story ready to go next week but that's obviously been delayed I apologize and will continue work after I'm finished with the project.
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