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"My friends and family are my support system. They tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear and they are there for me in the good and bad times. Without them I have no idea where I would be and I know that their love for me is what's keeping my head above the water."
-Kelly Clarkson

Our Mission:
To help those who are struggling emotionally, physically, spiritually.

But by commenting and asking for help, you give us the right to take action of what you say or do can be potentially harmful to you or other people.
We will check with you fist before a single word is iterated to another being.

People you can talk to:
+Jihn Fross
+Sol Thewhiteangel
+Yuiko Yagami
+ÝæņđęřęDåñdërë Çhïêń
+May Kujyou
+Fufuwa Chan
+Angela Espurr Marvell
+neal s.

If you want to become a support buddy, contact anyone listed above. You will then receive further instructions from someone.
THERE IS A LIMIT OF 10. If you want to be one but we have 10, contact the Owner. Or you can arrange to trade with someone who isnt active
All Buddies must be recommended by a current buddy

No graphic photos!

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Username: Takashi Hayama
Real Name: Micheal
Set area of support: Everything, I've always been able to help others with their problems, but never been able to help my own.
Bio: Well... where to start. At the age of 7 my biological father died, leaving my mother single with four boys, including myself. After that my mom went through a series of abusive relationships and when I stood up for her, I got beat. Punched, kicked, slapped, thrown down stairs, you name it. I got depressed cut myself multiple times, tried killing myself. When I was thirteen I beat up my moms boyfriend and broke several of his ribs, I git thrown in juvenile detention and put on probation. Same age my brother got taken from the home because he fought a lot at school. The judge of the city I lived in said that our family was abusive by nature, and told our mom one more slip up and they will take us from her. All of this left me with low self-esteem, but hella patience, although under that patience is a huge temper. So talk to me, I'll listen...

(Sorry for the sideways pic. Stupid camera.)

Havent felt good for along time
Ive been depressed for awile now and it gets worse i thought id be happy the rest of my life when she came in my life and got really close but something happened...i was called insensitive and it went downhill from there i think about it every night and her more than that and tear up at least twice a week about it when she found out the truth it was too late for me....if i had any guts i wouldn't be here but....well i realized it wouldn't help at only dream is that it could be like how it was before that day...

Welp, not having the best of times right now...
I hate my life, so what's new.

"Don't be afraid to shoot for the moon. Because even if you miss, you'll be among the stars"

username: neal s.
real name:same as username neal s.
set area:not really sure, though i do tend to be  more suited for things like rp troubles, internet relations, anything of that sorts.
bio: not much has happened to me, though i'm not blind, suicide, depression, suicidal thoughts, i know all that, but not from experience. and i want to help as much as i can, i'm a loner who mostly spends time in his room. i know a lot of the internet and relations on there. and if need be, i'll help as much as i can!
picture:i don't like showing my face, sorry, just been burned into my head.
(and just to know +Sol Thewhiteangel allowed me or something like that.)

Im having a very depressing day....anyone want to hear and help?

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Username: Fufuwa Chan
Real Name: Sabrina Marie Perez-Maldonado
Set Area of Support: Depression,  Relationship problems, Heart breaking,  insecurity,  Rape/ sexual abuse Self harm, Or pretty much anything ^^;;
 I'm 16, Live in Wisconsin, Female~ I tend to be very very nice, yet do have quite a temper. I do have many experiences with situations, Good and bad. I have been raped, molested, caused harm harm and many many others, Hmm, Just an Idea about myself and past, any questions, you may ask<3

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Username: Yuiko Yagami
Real Name: N/A 
Set Area of Support: Social anxiety. Like if yer feelin' left out, abandoned by a loved one, or if everybody hates ya, I'll be here to help!
Bio: Yeah, yeah I know you think I take things seriously at first, but really I wanna help ya! Depression is a serious problem that kills teenagers and ect. Everyday! I wanna help change that as much as I can!
In my past I've been hurt, abandoned, ridiculed, and heartbroken.... So I know how it feels. 
Don't be afraid to talk to me about it! I'll make sure you aren't alone
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