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Not sure how many of you have found this yet, but this adapter converts your stock charge cord (EVSE) to be a Level 2 charging unit. I think it will do a charge from empty to full in ~9 hours, with the adapter.

Hi All - Loving the Fiats. My partner and I are both EEs. Has anyone explored the possibility of tapping-into the Quick-Charge capability of the 500e? All of the hardware is supposed to be there, but they did not go so are as to make a new charge port, as it would require new RR quarter panel. We would like to hear of any efforts and/or resources in this regard.

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So the OEM TomTom that came with the FIAT 500e kinda sucks, so I wanted to find a solution. Real-Time traffic is essential, so I wanted to see if another TomTom would work. I posted a question here with little response, so I ended buying a TomTom GO 500 5" since the connection on the unit/dock seemed the same as the OEM one in the 500e. As of today, with some careful prying of the plastic to fit it in the 500e OEM dock, it managed to fit. I can now say I have a much better TomTom than the original one that works with the OEM dock, so I'm sure others will be interested (that is, if this hasn't already been posted).
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Hi, my 500e arrived in Germany. Unfortunately there is a problem with the tire pressure sensors. It says "service the tire monitor pressure system". Does anybody has an idea what I can do? Here is a picture of the error message. Regards, Peter

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Not going to lie, if Fiat does discontinue the500e, this would be an exciting replacement for me.

Since the Generation 2 Chevy Volt stock EVSE can accept 110V or 220V with just an adapter, anyone knows can the 500e stock EVSE accept 220V with the same extension adapter?

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Fun article about the 500e performing well at an autocrossing event. (It might not happen again, because the regular 500 doesn't meet SCCA's specs).

Wheels questions?

The front wheels won't fit on the rear, correct, but, would the rears fit on the front? Could one conceivably buy two extra rear wheels and then rotate them front/back?

Do all model year wheels, 2013-2017, have the same specifications?

Would other Fiat OEM 16" and 17" wheels fit on 500es?

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I'm in need of purchasing new tires for the 2014 500e. I live in Phoenix and so far every tire dealer I have checked online does not have the 500e as a selectable model.

Any suggestions on tires and where to buy them?
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