Hi, guys getting ready to return MY16 500e in 2 months.
Did anyone return to any dealers in Southern California?
Tires are all in good condition. Any tips or something I should look out for during lease return? Thank you.

Since a few days my DRL and parking light (same bulb) and tail light on the left are not working anymore. So far I couldn't find the reason. Today I realized it could be a fuse and searched for a matching entry in the fuse list, just to realize that not even one of these lights is listet! They must have a fuse, so why the heck are they not in the list???

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Thoughts on whether to buy a used fiat year 2013-2015? Anyone have issues w their cars a lot? Concerned w all this talk of fiat leaving the market that buying a 500e right now would not be a good idea. I’ve been leasing but now the lease deals are so much more than 3 years ago!

hi. just had a 2015 delivered today. cute. charged it for over an hour and it said it was at 85% but range of only 45 miles. any thoughts?

Second charger to halve charging time:

1.12.: My first goal was to find out, whether my $500 lost parcel auction charger is actually working. I had a hard time loosening the HV and CAN cables, that are clamped every few inches, so that they are long enough to reach the second charger. I eventually manged to make the CAN and the two HV cables long enough, but had to improvise an extension for the AC connector that can't be extended by even a mm.

When I finally finished, it was night. I went to test my construction at a public charging station. And ... it didn't work. Flashing goal posts and beeping EVIC stating "service charging system". Sigh. Went back home and checked all the connections. Couldn't find a problem.

2.12.: I drove to a charging station again (hood open by some inches, people looking at traffic lights) and the result was the same. Despite the cold fine rain, I checked the connections again, reconnected the signal wires as this was my only doubt yesterday already and tada: car started charging as normal.

Side note: I waited for like five minutes and then realized strange sounds from the very front of the technical compartment - like air bubbles in a pressured water hose. Shortly afterwards I saw bubbles coming out of the left reservoir (from front) and the level started rising until the pink liquid started dropping out of the overflow pipe. I took this as a sign to better stop my test now. ;)

To my surprise the level didn't fall again even after starting the motor. Just when I wanted to switch it off again there was a hissing sound and when I came back the level was on max as before.(end of side note)

So my first goal is accomplished. That "junk" charger works like new. But tonight (last night for the English) I realized a problem: I need to create Y-connections for every single wire that goes into the charger. And I have to make all the connections at the car!

I knew about the HV connections. They have a limited amount of single wires. But I didn't think about the CAN connector. That damn thing has 11 tiny wires attached to it! And what's more: I don't have a second plug so far! Even if I somehow manage to buy one, how to create an elevenfold Y-connection in the back of the technical compartment without going crazy???

But I don't see any options to this *. So I'm going to search for that damn plug now. :(

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I recently bought a used 500e and have started reverse engineering the body can bus. From what I've read in a manual for the dealership, the telematic unit is connected to the body can bus. Unfortunately, my access has long expired. Is there any owner of the 500e in the SF Bay Area willing to let me dump their body can bus while they send telematic commands to the car? I'd like to publish the can messages exchanged for that so that people like me can build their own telematics access like what my500e.com will offer soon.

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