Flare flew down to the high rock and look around, surveying his surroundings and stretching his wings. He had a strange feeling he had had that day that someone was watching him, but shook it off

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First off if this isn't in the right section tell me cause I'm on my phone and it doesn't load the whole name

~Name: Flare
~Age: 24
~Gender: Male
~Element: Light
~Species: S. Legypticus idk it just kinda popped up in my head Or Light Dragon
~Mate: None
~Hatchlings: None
~Sisters: None
~Brothers: None
~Tribe: None
~Rank: Rouge
~Bio: Flare has been a rouge his entire life. He has never really trusted clans, though is quick to befriend other rogues.
~Quotations: "There's only one dragon you can trust out here. Yourself" and "If I let everyone I met be my friend I would quite literally explode"

Suddenly, Wind realized that she was not alone in the cave... :Open:

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Name: Wind who Catches the Storm
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Element: Shadow/Speed
Species: Shadow
Tribe: None
Mate: None
Hatchlings: None
Sisters/ Brothers: None


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Name: Chi
Species: Crystal species
Tribe: Lunar

Notice to all - please comment if you know!

Who ever has invited about 318 People to this, has to call the invations back. I never had invited that much people.

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Would anyone be interested in doing an RP with Fuyuko? I need a mate for her. ^^

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~Name: Zaikaber
~Age: 39
~Gender: Male
~Element: Nuclear electrical fire (Created himself)
~Species: Golden Dragon
~Mate: None
~Hatchlings: none 
~half sister: Cynder
~Brothers: killed him
~Tribe: dead
~Status: Alive
~Rank: Elder
~Bio: Born inside of an underground power plant while it was exploding he absorb all of the nuclear energy and crawled out the wreck for many year he grew stronger and trained to use his power right until he rose of the ground to the world above.
~Quotations: (just two)

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~Name: Song of the Healing
 ~Age: Though unknown, people suspect this small dragon to be 115 years of age.
 ~Gender: Female
 ~Element: Not a physical element, but Healing.
 ~Species: Dragon
 ~Mate: N/A
 ~Hatchlings: N/A
 ~Sisters: N/A
 ~Brothers: A much older dragon named was not named. He will be introduced later.
 ~Tribe: Tribe Of The Rushing Water
~Status: Single
 ~Rank: Medic
~Bio: Hatched alone in a dark cave, the young lizard was easy prey for passing hungry dragons, and creatures. Scared and alone, the hatchling left the safety of her cave. A mistake on her part. A much larger dragon, named Xiorno, found the small hatchling, and hadn't had a good mean in a long time. He swooped down to devour her, but a light dragon that goes by the name of Light of the Pure, stopped him. The two fought bravely, and Light ended up killing the other dragon. He turned back to the smaller dragon, and thats how a friendship was made.
 ~Quotations: "Worry does now empty tomorrow of sorrow, it empties today of hope."
"The easiest thing to do to not get hurt, is not care...But thats a hard thing to do."

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