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~Kill La Kill~

1. If someone is breaking a rule tell a mod

2.Don't post discusting things

3.Can't be rude only in role play is fine

4.Don't post stuff that someone already posted

5. Have Fun!

If you might have any questions you can ask a mod

~ +Mako Mankanshoku and +Ryuko Matoi (It wouldn't let me tag myself)


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💙Have A Great Day!💙

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Nonon Jakuzure 
Animated Photo

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Omg .....made by +SS6 Games​

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Me: Jayson this is humiliating why do I have to introduce you !?
Jayson: cuz ryuko I'm your not so grump ....well besides mako
Me: I think you would be Jon
Jayson: What why !?
Sankenstu: because your growing a beard
Jayson: ECH !
Me: and you have a hat
Jayson: ECH
Sankenstu: and you say ECH alot
Me: see similarities
Jayson: wait that means mako is .......
Me: what
Jayson: covers my mouth next Halloween let's wear something else then game grumps costumes
Me: muffled why !?
Jayson: cuz mako gets a bit carried away as Dan
Me: ahg we will wait
Jayson: yap ^^
Me: stop smiling at me like that makes grump face
Jayson: alright makes not so grump face
Me: this is a long dialog
Jayson: yeah let's get outta here
Me: anyway this is Jayson I'm ryuko and my suit is a sankenstu enjoy my account and don't piss me off pls 

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Kill la kill crossover with ss6 z

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Animated Photo

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