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1) NO BULLYING. (and don't call people Cancer.)
2) Keep everything over PG-13 in the "Not PG-Henry" Section
3) You can Make an OC from or Chose a character from Fates or Awaking. If you Chose to Use Your OC, Make Sure you put their Name, Age, Class, Where are they from, Backstory and if they are 1st Gen or 2ed Gen. Any thing else you want to add is optional.
4) No Spam or Memes. Do that somewhere else.
5) If you brake any rules, you will get a strike. Three Strikes and you will be removed from the community (Or banned depends)
6) Have fun!

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Lissa: Hey guys is Maribelle birthday!!!

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I can't choose... (Tharja , Nowi or F robin?)
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Thanks for the invite~

Should I be the ice maid or the clumsy maid?

I can't decide because their both my favorite! >~<
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Can I call a reserve spot for M.Corrin?

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Thanks for the invite! and can I be Lissa?

I'd like to be Henry! I can't write the profile up yet, so let me reserve the spot :p
Or maybe Lon'qu.
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