wwhy hello I'm aqua
I'm new but heir is some info about me
name aqua
gender female
I'm a inkling
my bf is eridan
my powers are summoning ink wepons
and teleporting

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Hello im new :33 can i be nepeta?

You're all ded ~(o3o)~

bored a2 hell 2omeone talk to me


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2o the other day II wa2 at the 2tore ju2t miindiing my own bu2iine22 when two guy2 walked up two me and totally 2tole my cart! II blew up half of the vegetable ii2le II wa2 2o pi22ed FUCK
What ii2 2ome of your 2trange encounter2 at wal mart? cau2e II totally want two know...

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I was the dean Winchester 0-0
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