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Title: Coronation Crasher
<Whiterun City, Whiterun Hold, 1:45 PM>

It was another afternoon in Whiterun, and in the Bannered Mare, Garrus would be sitting at the bar, drinking a bottle of Nord Mead. In truth, he was waiting for someone to accept his advertisement.

It was brought to the attention of the Dawnguard that a vampire coronation was in occurance somewhere in Whiterun Hold. The job was too big for Garrus to handle by himself, so he needed help from an able-bodied warrior to help him. He posted advertisements all over the city. Now, he was just waiting for someone to come to him.

<Open to anyone.>

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(I'm not sure if the DLCs (Dragonborn and Dawnguard) are included here, so please tell me.)

Name: Garrus (pronounced "Gare-us")

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Class: Dawnguard Warrior

Sexuality: Straight

Race: Nord

Weapons: Garrus often uses a Dawnguard War Axe and Crossbow.

Armor/Apparel: Garrus wears full Dawnguard Heavy Armor, accompanied with a Dawnguard Shield. However, he takes his helmet off in public areas like towns, so he doesn't look hostile.

Magic of Choice: Doesn't use magic.

Occupation: Garrus is a member of the Dawnguard, an elite group of vampire hunters.

Skills: Garrus is adept in the skills of Heavy Armor, One-Handed Weapons, and Archery.

Bio: Garrus was born and raised in Skyrim. As a child, he listened to stories of the Dawnguard, an ancient group of vampire hunters. Ever since, he had wanted to join them. He got his chance one day when he heard that the Dawnguard were being rebuilt. He immediately joined up, although his family didn't seem pleased by it. Ever since, he works as a member of the Dawnguard, and goes on his own adventures time to time.
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"Despite all odds, i have managed to take part in maintaining and developing this small town. After The Great Collapse, much of Winterhold has been lost to sea. I shall rebuild what we have lost. And explore new possibilities and advance our city further."

Name: "Arlen. Arlen Eastloch."

Age: "I believe i am of 32 years old."

Gender: "I am a male."

Class: "I have chosen the path of a warrior. Slashing those who dare harm our lands and our people!"

Occupation: "I have been selected to be the Jarl of Winterhold. Maintaining and ensuring that the city is safe, and progressing as normally."

Sexuality: "Bisexual. Got a problem? There's the door."

Race: "I am of Argonian blood. You think im using a illusion?! I can make myself dissapear and slient, but never change form."

Weapon of Choice: "A good ol' sword and shield never loses it's edge."

School of Magic: "Illusion. I usually use Fear to get those bandits and thieves away from me. But that's not all."


Back when i was a young Argonian, i lived in the quiet town of Riverwood. With a friend of mine, i was mostly chopping firewood for profit. And evntually i got my first weapon. a iron dagger for self-defense. I later got a iron sword and armor.

When i decided to go up the mountains did i see conflict. And i had my first slayings since i was born. I explored ruins and found strange new items.

Soon i went all over Skyrim. Exploring here and there. Acquiring new armor, weapons, and more.

Sure enough, i settled down in Winterhold. When the Jarl died, i took the throne. as i now have a large responsibility of controlling the town's destiny.


Gender m
Class thief
Sexuality straight
Race argonian
Weapon of choice two handed greatsword to two handed battleaxe
Magik of choice conjuration

Profile Template
Name:Jack Woods
Age: 20
Class: Theif Assasian
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Kajet
Weapon of choice: One handed and Bow
Magik of choice:Illusion and resperation
Bio: ????

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