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Hi everyone!
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AN INVITATION FOR SMART HOME SURVEY, How would you as a “user” like to live inside a smart home? How would you like to change the smart home environment?

Dear friends, Our PhD research at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is about "Smart Homes".
We would like to invite you all to contribute in our PhD research by filling out the following survey:

We recommend using Google Chrome for opening the link, otherwise please make sure that you have installed adobe flash player on your computer. 
Hope you enjoy doing the survey and knowing more about the technologies of future houses. If you think the survey would be interesting for some of your friends, please forward this invitation to them. 
Your contribution is highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Mohammadali Heidari & Erfaneh Allameh & 
Eindhoven University of Technology
Department of Built Environment 
Design System Group 
PO Box 513 5300 MB Eindhoven 
The Netherlands

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Hi all I'm from Indonesia, I'm accepted in Msc Computer Science & Engineering (2013). And Im still wating for scholarship result.. Wish me luck and I hope I can see you guys in TU/e.

Anyone have a (physical) Dutch-English dictionary they could lend me for Jan 14th?

We're allowed to use a dictionary during our Adv. Dutch exam, but I've always been using online dictionaries so I don't have one (we can't use the internet during the exam).

Thanks in advance!

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Why does everyone need to be a moderator?

Do note the categories available on the left (I just noticed them now). Hopefully this can be slightly more organized than Facebook groups.
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