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We are three weeks away from the Playoffs, but tonight Week 15 kicks off a big showdown in the AFC West as two teams are fighting to be first in the division. The (10-3) Los Angeles Chargers take on the (11-2) Kansas City Chiefs. The game takes place at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. You can watch the game at 8:20pm et/5:20pm pt on FOX, NFL Network, and Amazon Prime Video.

The Chargers have be hot recently and now go on the road to get a crack at being on top, either way the Chiefs would still be first either way. Phillip Rivers goes into tonight in what could be the biggest game of his career. He must play to his strength and get the ball his weapons. There two key losses for tonight's game. Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler won't play tonight, but Justin Jackson is a guy to keep an eye as he played his into rotation. He must continue to run and gain some yards either by the ground or air game. Keenan Allen is the top target for Rivers to throw to, but keep an eye on the Williams as Tyrell and Mike can take the top off of defenders and make a big play.

The defense for the Chargers have been heating up and at what better time as Joey Bosa came back a few weeks ago and have played well bu getting to quarterbacks. He's not the only one as Melvin Ingram is another one who is a threat when it comes to the pass rush. Those two will be key as to make things difficult for Patrick Mahomes. The secondary is the key however as key players Casey Hayward and rookie Derwin James will be instrumental to slowing down the red hot Chiefs offense.

The Kansas City Chiefs made a comeback to win in overtime to defeat the Baltimore Ravens in Overtime in what was a thrilling game. Tonight, will be important as they look to win and get close to winning the AFC West. Patrick Mahomes must avoid the Chargers tenacious attack and get the ball out of his hands quick. Tyreek Hill is active, but could his heel will play a part in how he moves. Travis Kelce and Chris Conley will be key as well if Hill struggles due to injury. Spencer Ware will not play as Damien Williams will start, but look out for Charchandrick West will get some carries and help with the run. Williams made a key player to help get the game to overtime.

Another defense that has an offense is the Chiefs that will have to slow down the Chargers and get aggressive with the pass rush. Look for Justin Houston, Dee Ford and Chris Jones to be key in that department. Also Eric Berry will make his long awaited debut this season after getting injured in Week 1 last season. That's a big help to a Chiefs Secondary will have to stop the Chargers and look for Kendall Fuller and Steve Nelson to also contribute as well.

PREDICTION: Chiefs 30, Chargers 27

**The views Expressed here are purely my ownπŸ€£πŸ€”πŸ€—**// Anthony Joshua for all intents and purposes has been made by himself, his promoter AND Tyson Fury, to look like a Fool of the highest order.
No matter how you slice it Tyson Fury told an inconvenient Truth the night he engaged in battle with Deontay Wilder making the Champion look all kinds of ordinary in the process) when he called Joshua by his first name.
Deontay Wilder stepped up to the plate and was willing to concede home turf, gate percentage and purse to Joshua just to get the opportunity to do what Real champions do, challenge the best in their class.
In FACT Wilder took the unprecedented step of offering Joshua A guaranteed 50 million dollar sweetner to the mix.
He called AJs bluff and put the ball square in the Champions court.
Hearnes and Joshua bobbled that ball like a hot potato and the litany of excuses that came afterwards was downright embarrassing.
So much so that None other than Good old England's BEST ever Champion and a true Boxing Hall of Fame and very likely top ten heavyweight champion of all time perhaps top five depending on whom you ask, Lennox Lewis chimed in and criticized his countrymen.
Rightfully so.
Lennox Lewis came to the United States and conquered in a BIG way.
There was no talk about being the money man and being the star, his promoter running off at the mouth like a petty Oscar De Lahoya has been doing lately, saying he calls the shots etc...
No Lewis did it the old fashioned way.
He took on the best America had to offer and he claimed his victories and revenge victories. He even had some known heavyweights reluctant to get in the ring with him. Riddick Bowe how are you buddy?
Fast forward to today and we now have a heavyweight version of Floyd Mayweather's second act in Joshua who takes calculated risks fighting mild threats all the while lining his pockets handsomely in the process.
At least Floyd in his first act before he became the money man actually fought reputable live bodies like the late warrior Diego Corrales.
Joshua seems content on being the money man minus the first act.
And THAT is where fans find the rub.
While Wilder doesn't boast the most sterling resume himself, he showed true Championship pride by stepping up and demanding good fights.
The Alabama Bronze Bomber understood the value of EARNING respect and he has come through in his performances of late and with his desire to unify the titles by being willing to give up a lot just to get Joshua in the ring.
In comes a certain Gypsy King after an insane set of personal circumstances and a two year hiatus who matches the integrity of Lennox Lewis and Wilder in fighting for pride and now Joshua looks even more shallow in his words.
Business is business, yeah I understand that dynamic but you have to go about ATTENDING to your business where it counts and that's in the ring against the best.
Talk is cheap when you're doing interviews and after almost a full year you sound like a jaded politician just repeating the same lines over and over.
So if Anthony Joshua is being mocked by fans and fellow boxers alike then he has no one to blame but himself.
He definitely should not be talking smack about another a man who did without hesitation what he seems determined not to do, in facing Wilder.
For that Joshua has lost further respect and deserves every single meme, criticism etc.. that comes his way.
Who knows, maybe the legendary Dylan White, may do us all a favor and put Joshua out to pasture with the punch heard around the world and the heavyweight universe will no longer swirl around his orbit.
One can only imagine...

Curt signing out...

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I'll believe it when I see it...πŸ‡±πŸ‡·πŸ‡±πŸ‡·

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