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At stake tonight: All four belts of the 140 lb division. Where: At Pinnacle Bank Arena, Nebraska, Crawford's hometown. Media-presenting this bout : Espn Sports in conjunction With Bob Arum promotions.Once again Mr. Indongo will travel to the back yard of another opponent to test his mettle. Here's how I see it.
Right now THIS will determine who is the number one pound for pound fighter going.
If Crawford wins this he deserves that spot and the same goes for Indongo.
Why? There will be ONE sole champion in the 140 pound division. This will be the first unified Champion in 15 years and the sole 140 pound champion. A feat the legendary Kostya Tyzu came close to accomplishing. He would claim three belts during his reign.
Crawford is looking to best that. However Indongo has something to say about that.
Indongo is NO slouch as he traveled to the backyard of two of his opponents and won bouts he was not favored to win. He holds two belts and Crawford holds the other two.
There is mutual RESPECT here between both fighters but the tension as witnessed at the weigh in is HEAVY.
Indongo is considered the underdog as he seems to have snuck up on the boxing world with his unlikely victories over Ricky Burns and Eduardo Troyanvosky, the latter being kayoed in 40 seconds of the first round.
This is an interesting matchup on terms of styles.
Indongo is the taller and more lankier of the two With a long reach. He can box and he does have some pop on his shots.
If he plays this right, stays composed and gives Crawford a mixture of smart boxing and effective aggression he could conceivably make this uncomfortable for Crawford and possibly pull off an upset.
I say this because Crawford tends to go into a shell when his opponent goes into an aggression mode and stays on top of him albeit till now with only limited success.
His bout with Gamboa showed glimpses of that. The other question is can Crawford take a solid shot to the chin?
On the flipside will Indongo be able to deal with Crawfords inside game and fluid switchhitting from leftie to orthodox without losing focus? Crawford has a bit of the dog in him. He likes to beat up guys. Once he gets into a rhythm and has adjusted to his man he doesn't just outpoint them, he likes to punish them.
He has respectable power from BOTH sides leftie or orthodox, something we haven't seen since The Marvelous One, Marvin Hagler.
One thing is certain, Indongo isn't intimidated and Crawford wants to make a statement.
Indongo looks like he is here to win and not just collect a paycheck though this will be the Africans largest purse to date.
This may turn out to be a GOOD one.
We can only hope so and in the bargain enthusiasts will get what they haven't seen in this day and age for a long time.
An undisputed sole Champion.

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Meanwhile, in Cleveland..

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Beautiful Baller

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Julius Indongo came to fight and Crawford came to make a statement.
The lost ART of bodypunching was on display as Crawford simply had more tools in the tool box and they were a LOT sharper than what Indongo ever faced.
Crawford is now in the record books with elite company that includes Rocky Marciano to name one, as being undefeated AND the UNDISPUTED champ of his division.
You earned that vacation Bud.

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ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN! The winner will be the first undisputed championship in almost 2 decades. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

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