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Hello and welcome to Jade Mountain Academy. You will be randomly be assigned to a winglet with some other dragons (the original list of winglets will be shown in the pictures)

This community is a role play area! Please do not give your OC very powerful powers. If you have an overpowered character, we will have to ask you to change your abilities. If you're not willing to change your abilities, you will be banned.

If you don't know the book Wings of Fire, its okay, I will have the lists of dragons you can use to make an OC and use for role play.

Jade Winglet:
IceWing: Winter
MudWing: Umber
NightWing: MoonWatcher
Rainwing: Kinkajou
Sandwing: Quibli
SeaWing: Turtle
Skywing: Carnelian

Gold Winglet:
IceWing: Icicle
Mudwing: Sora
RainWing: Tamarin
SandWing: Onyx
SeaWing: Pike
SkyWing: Flame

Silver Winglet:
IceWing: Changbal
NightWing: Fearless
RainWing: Boto
SandWing: Ostrich
SeaWing: Anemone
SkyWing: Thrush

Copper Winglet:
IceWing: Alba
Mudwing: Marsh
NightWing: Mindreader
RainWing: Coconut
SandWing: Pronghorn
SeaWing: Snail
SkyWing: Peregrine

Quartz Winglet:
IceWing: Ermine
Mudwing: Newt
NightWing: Mightyclaws
RainWing: Siamang
SandWing: Arid
SeaWing: Barracuda
SkyWing: Garnet
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Name: Cinnamon
Species: Mudwing
Likes: Roasted cows, soft things, scrolls
Dislikes: being yelled at, chains, blood
Bio: Adopted by a Seawing and a Nightwing but hasn't figured it out yet. Is super friendly and won't hurt anyone.

and yes I did draw this, I'm very talented x3

walks into the great hall

Sorry if i dont say anything. If i didnt say anything on your OC's post, that means your OC is okay

I will only comment if the character is too over powered.

Can i be Darkstalker or NU

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Hello! I'm new! But I'd like to wait until there are winglet spaces left! Also,I do not intend to be as violent as I am so can you just make an exception for my OC(s) making injuries? I intend to make the injuries non-life-threatning! But there will be a few injuries including the need of a cactus to heal!
Thank you for reading!

gasp there are other fans!

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Here it is....

My actual main rp character.

Sorry if it's bad
Name: Truthfinder
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Kingdom: NightWing
Rank: Head Scientist
Sexuality: Bi
Weapons: can craft weapons but has just firebreath
Appearance: picture
(I took out optional but I tried too, printed a NightWing picture out, used a name generator, colored it in and here it his)

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Dark fire : he is a volcano born and a sky wing
Age : 58 human years ( 20 ) dragon age
Likes : gold , lava , fire rocks
Dislikes : water , ice
Family : dead ( an ice wing attacked mother , father was dead of a rain wing )
Was fighting and attack much dragons 

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Hyde : part sky wing part ice wing
Age : 70( human years ) 17 ( dragon years )
Likes : a good book , hunting , the night sky , rain , and rubys

Dislikes : queen burn , rain wings , polar bears

Bio : has no family ( all killed by queen burns army ) , is loyal to queen glacier

Power : can breathe both ice and fire

He thinks he is a hot shot , he wishes he was chosen for the dragonet prophecy , he is going to jade mountain academy mostly to see tsunami .

During the war he was hiding in the Ice kingdom .
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