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If you want to have some fun in an adventurous RP this the right place for you!
In this community we have flying ships, demons, Gods, dragons and magic! The perfect combination for a Mystical Adventures RP

So feel free to join!!!

Hey guys Gizmo is back in the underground. hope all is good well I was gone...... how is it?

+Charmagne Skogli you got 2 hours to respond to me or I ban you

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~Random crap~

A lovely profile pic made by my friend: +Asriel Dreemurr Animated Productions

I have a question
If goriel was dead and his child was the nee owner then what if she dies and what if chara dies then who will be owner and mod

Asunder had been roaming a forest. Getting lost more and more. Until he had found a small chest. You had trapped it because someone had been stealing your stuff. And then you....

Hey goriel do you sometimes get horny?

Hey goriel what does toriel say when Asriel has been bad?
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