Hi all, I was just wondering how everyone else got on with the last module and what types of marks everyone received, to see if there is anything we can learn from other teams and how they made it a success.

HI guys, Does anyone have any idea how we submit our personal and group feedback please the deadline for which is this Friday as we cannot pass without doing this but i cant see any link/template on the forum. I have emailed them but if anyone has any idea can they let me know.



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Airbnb and the art of resilience' by Tony Robbins. Part of a Business Mastery edition he hosted on his podcast, the other two were episodes; Warby Parker and Soulcycle. I really enjoyed listening to the founders of Airbnb. Enjoy.


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Interesting article on the probable disruption in air travel that is about to happen. Interestingly (and logically I guess) it seems like drones are going to be the main driver for long haul but rather hybrid aircraft.

Some handy infographics in here about the future of air travel: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/urban-expeditions/transportation/green-aviation1/

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I am flying this morning and found this at stansted. Ticks all the - be there - be useful - be quick boxes

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interesting read: Improving the Airline Experience
How Technology Is Changing Customer Experiences and Communicationshttps://www.eyefortravel.com/sites/default/files/1852_eftravel_relay42_report_v5.pdf

Have caught up finally. Think quite easy to fall behind with this course. Looking forward to meeting my squolleagues this week - let's get these brains stormed. So good to get an excuse to be disruptive too. Usually so well behaved.

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I really liked this article from Kaushik who gave us STDC framework...
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