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profile template:animal/werewolf
animal name:trasher/werewolf name: ash
age:25 years old
family:all Dead accept his sister
likes:running,swimming,watching tv
dislikes:pizza,vampires,rude people
weapons:diamond swords,diamond axe
relationship:N/A never open he hates having girlfriends
pack:blood moon
pack rank:lead scout
bio:he started out as a regular child then a nuclear bomb struck the parents died of radiation and Tyler and his sister had mutations and they live separately

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(Closed Roleplay to +Jazzy The Pocky Queen)
I was sitting on the club couch having these blonde girls sitting right beside me, kissing me but I don't kiss back I lay there for a few minutes, I decide to stand up bringing on of the girls(human) with me I lead her out the back I tilt her head and suck your blood from her neck she screams but I cover her mouth when I was done I turn and see you 

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|Name|| Eric Grant


||Age|| 253

||Gender|| Male

(Mate/Soul Mate- OPEN)

|| Personality||
Nice, Nosey, Kind, Rude, Cold, Blood Lust, Crazy


Sucking Blood from girls, Entertain myself, Killing, Wiping out there memories, Torturing them

Hunters and werewolves


High speed, Jumping, Teleporting, and those other vampire powers :D

Silver Knife


||Pack Rank||
Second Command

Eric is 253 years old, now his stopped ageing to find his soulmate once he finds his soulmate he then ages again, His still hot right :D

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(open role play +Jazzy The AutoBot​)

I was sitting in the back of a store with my friends drinking my soda and these two gang leaders started telling us to give everything we had

friend 1: no we won't give you anything!
stranger 2:then we're just going to have to torture you
me: stop it!
stranger 1: what you going to do about it?

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Name: Violet Angels
Age: 14 years
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf
Race: British/Breed: Artic White Wolf
Hair color: Crystal white/Fur color: Snow white
Hairstyle/length: Shown in pic #2/Fur length: Medium
Eye color: Pastel Purple/Wolf eye color: Ice blue
Skin tone: Pale/Nose color: Black
Facial markings: Scar on neck/Markings/patterns: None
Clothing: Shown in pic #3
Personality: Sweet, quiet, shy, imaginative, generous, naïve
Likes: Forest, nature, spring, singing, music, animals, flowers, peace
Dislikes: Violence, fighting, bloodlust
Bio: Orphan, parents died in a house fire. She lives all by herself within a forest all by herself with her critter friends, she protects the forest from hunters and intruders.
Allies: The Woodlyn creatures
Enemies: Those who threaten her friends or the forest
Crush: None
Relationship: None
Pets: An albino fawn named Snowy
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Profile template:werewolf



Wolf name:sky

Age:13 year's old







Skills:high jumping,running,sound reconizian


Dislikes:history,supisous questions,

BIO:Glenn's parents were worried one day pets were reported missing and blood being found but it seems that when his parents set there traps these hunters found out that an animal had been spotted carrying a special mutation and it ran in Glenn's family so the government killed his parents with no excuse right in front of him and he was sent to a special study lab to only figure out a pack of wolves had been sent to save him and now living with his pack he has no regrets other than his parents

Pack:silver pack



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|Name|| Xander Carters

||Nicknames|| Peeka, Alpha

||Age|| 25

||Gender|| Male


|| Personality||
Rude, Player, Nice, Blood lust, Over addicted

Student at school, Alpha of the Twisted Pack

||Likes and Dislikes||
Likes: Getting attention, Races, betas, Other packs, Girls

Dislikes: Rouges, people that disrespect me



claws, torture items for rouges and others

Twisted Pack

||Pack Rank||

Xander parents died to cancer and Xander became the Alpha of the pack, his well known to kill other packs as well killing children right in front of their mothers
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you were out in city at midnight and heard about another werewolf but a unusual one who could transform into a very different form and even at day he murdered many people including other races and is still hunting our there as you walked out of your house you heard branch snapping

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|Name|| nyx neo

||Nicknames|| shadow

||Age|| 19 ( 3 in dog years)

||Gender|| female


|| Personality|| sadistic and cruel she tortures anyone who happens to fall victim to her.

Murderous traditor for the hunters

||Likes and Dislikes||
Likes: torture and blood
Dislikes: her kind

||Family|| dead (killed by her)

Highly skilled with knives

Knives (she carries at least 20 throwings knives)

||Pack|| loner

||Pack Rank||

Its unknown why she became like this but it goes that she gave up her family's den location for her own life and agreed to be the hunters little bloodhound, them dying her once black fur red as a symbol to the wolves that she was no friend and to the hunters that she was a trustworthy (sorta) tracker
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