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đź‘Ť If you want to take part in our Circle Share, here you go :
We share once a week, Sunday, and we send notifications twice, Sunday and Wednesday, so you don't forget it.
Forget what ? Well, to share it - that's what it's about ;)

Meaning, the Circle Share is a post, which includes the names of all those who share it, with links to each individual profile.
And it should be (re)shared on every member's profile - not just inside a community - once a week.

The current Circle Share is HERE ↓↓↓

Thus, all members who share the post, get shared by all the other members - also on the blog and on my stream, AND on all member streams - and who knows where else.
Does this make sense ? Certainly. You will be propagated and recommended on the profiles of all the partaking members, every week - and all you do is simply share one post.

*This is how it works :
The circle share starts Sundays, from the blog
( ), which is directly connected to G+... I curate it a bit every week and when it gets published, it's available at my profile +Jo Ann Freeboom right away.
Members receive a notification and reshare it, and so it goes...
Wednesdays, there's another notification in case someone hasn't been around on Sunday.

It is simply one of the best ways to make sure your existence will be noticed all over Google. To guarantee that I recognize you as a sharer, you should also_comment on the Sunday circle share post_ after you share, so as not to get overlooked.
You can add a link, to one of your own posts, or to an image, or whatever - which I will then repost on my stream.

If you want to take part, please now comment on the current share, and share it - and I will add you asap

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"Unlike a fountain that circulates the same water in an enclosed, perpetually recycling system, a human being circulates thoughts in an unlimited reservoir of self.

Don't limit yourself to being a mere #Fountain when you contain an ocean."

Vera Nazarian,
The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

#Truth #Water #Flow #Architecture

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"I am here tracing the #History of the Earth itself, from its own Monuments."
~ Jean-André de Luc

The Washington Monument, one of Washington, D.C.’s, most iconic structures, as well as its tallest, opened to the public 125 years ago, on October 9, 1888. This towering tribute to America’s first president took a century to plan and construct and wasn’t completed until the nation’s 21st president was in office. Additionally, the monument ended up looking much different than the architect’s original design

#WashingtonDC #Monument #Weekend #Vacation

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"It is new design by architects versus world revolution by political leadership."
~ R. Buckminster Fuller,
'Ideas and Integrities: A Spontaneous Autobiographical Disclosure'

For a man who never set foot in Washington, DC, French-born, British-raised James Smithson has had a huge impact on the city. The British scientist (1765-1829), an illegitimate son of a Duke, left his considerable fortune to a nephew with the stipulation that, were the nephew to die without heirs, the money go “to the United States of #America to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge.” The nephew died, and a #museum complex was born.

Why did Smithson leave such a large bequest to a place he’d never been? It’s a mystery, but theories abound. Perhaps he felt delegitimized by his homeland? Maybe he felt the U.S. might further science better than Europe?

The result of that gift, The #Smithsonian Institution, was officially created by an act of Congress in 1846. Its first building, the distinctive red Maryland sandstone Smithsonian Castle, was completed in 1855. The towered, neo-Gothic structure, designed by up-and-coming New York City architect James Renwick, initially held the entire institution: a gallery, a natural history collection, a laboratory and even the first secretary of the organization’s apartment.

What’s inside

Interior of #SmithsonianCastle

While the Victorian arches and dark woodwork of the Castle suggest a bygone era, it now holds a thoroughly modern visitors center with interactive 3-D maps pinpointing and detailing the 17 DC-area Smithsonian Institution properties, including museums, galleries and the National Zoological Park.

Since most are on the adjacent National Mall, the maps can be particularly helpful for plotting a day of museum-hopping. Docents also man a help desk and distribute printed guides. There’s also a coffee and snack shop and a large seating area with free Wi-Fi, an ideal place to take a break and plan your next move, be it bug-viewing at the National Museum of Natural History or a dip into contemporary art the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

Also housed in the grand, church-like structure is the exhibit A Castle of Curiosities, delving into the history of the castle and the little that is known of Smithson’s life. In the high-ceilinged rooms beyond, another exhibit, Welcome to the Smithsonian, holds art and artifacts representing all of the institution’s members in old-timey gleaming wooden display cases. Look out for the National Zoo’s “panda cam” showing its popular bears and ancient buddhas from the Asian Sackler Gallery.

Perhaps most touching, the #Castle also holds James Smithson’s crypt. Though he died in Genoa, Italy and was buried there, in 1905, he was reinterred in a marble crypt in a small, chapel-like room here. Pay tribute to him here, or by visiting the many museums his vision launched

#WashingtonDC #History #Vacation #Weekend

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"In the beginning we seek #truth
In the middle we seek reason.
In the end we seek peace."
~ L.M. Browning,
'Seasons of Contemplation: A Book of Midnight Meditations'

#WanderLust #Reality #Water #Light #Euphoria

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"How I wish I was like the #water
Flowing so freely with every drop
Let my every emotion wonder,
No need to start, nor even stop
How I wish I was like the fire,
Burning with every flame up
Leaving a trace of hot desire
As a Phoenix raises its' wings up
How I wish I was like the #Earth
Raising each flower from the ground
Seeing the #beauty of death and birth
And then returning to the ground"
~ Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache

#WanderLust #Nature #Plants #Truth #Spirituality

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"Easter tells us of something children can't understand, because it addresses things they don't yet have to know: the weariness of #Life the pain, the profound loneliness and hovering fear of meaninglessness."
~ Frederica Mathewes-Green

Jesus as the #SunGod throughout #History The need to time the #Easter #celebration or #resurrection to coincide with the vernal equinox demonstrates that "Christ" is not an historical personage but the sun. This fact of Easter being the resurrection of the Sun has been well known for centuries, just as "the Savior's" birth at the winter solstice has been recognized as another solar motif. Another obvious clue as to Christ's nature is the fact that the #LordsDay is #Sunday

"Christ is the Sun of Righteousness, with 'divine beams.'"

Concerning #Easter in his "Letter I. for 329" Bishop of Alexandria Athanasius (c. 293-373) remarks, "Again, 'the Sun of Righteousness,' causing His divine beams to rise upon us, proclaims beforehand the time of the feast, in which, obeying Him, we ought to celebrate it…" #Christ is thus the Sun of Righteousness, with "divine beams."
The Paschal Chronicle #WorldOrder

The Easter calculations were recomputed in the seventh century by the Christian author(s) of the Paschal Chronicle or Alexandria Chronicle, which seeks to establish a Christian chronology from "creation" to the year 628. The Paschal Chronicle determines the proper date for Easter as March 21st and the date of Christ's resurrection as March 25th (or, midnight, March 24, three days after the beginning of the equinox). In his various calculations, the Chronicle author discusses solar and lunar cycles, including the 19-year lunar cycle, by which he reckons the crucifixion and resurrection, concluding: "This is consistent with the prior determinations of reputable men in the calculation of the heavenly bodies." To wit, Christ's death and resurrection are based on astrotheology.

The Chronicle author further confirms that #Christianity is a continuation of the ancient #Pagan astrotheological religion when he states that the "Annunciation of our Lady," i.e., the conception of #Jesus Christ by the Virgin Mary, likewise occurred on March 25th, the vernal equinox, exactly nine months prior to the December 25th birthdate, the annual rebirth of the sun.

#Esoteric #Religion #Sun #Light #Worship

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“You have no control over how your story begins or ends. But by now, you should know that all things have an ending. Every spark returns to darkness. Every sound returns to silence. Every flower returns to sleep with the earth. The #Journey of the #sun and moon is predictable. But yours, is your ultimate art.”
~ Suzy Kassem, 'Rise Up and Salute the Sun'

#Esoteric #Spiritual #Worship #Truth #Light #Outdoors

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"Easter is a marvelous affirmation of the genius of our design, but it is likewise the blunt acknowledgement that left to its own devices, the genius of our design will result in the destruction of our lives."
~ Craig D. Lounsbrough

#Easter #Sunday #EasterSunday #WanderLust

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