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Might I ask why we made such a community? I mean we shouldn't praise two specific users for their "quirks" or inability to show "flaw" that's why I propose an idea. We shall name this community "The Love Hole" as we should support any user "Flawless or Flawful"

Make me Leader >.>

Or Moderator

Or Special


How is everyone moderator???
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Thankies for da invite! -3-

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Thanks for the invite!

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Hi everyone I'm Efrain Orozco thanks for invite me
Problems With The Modern Era Of Sonic (2008 - Present)

1. Over-Reliance On Different Or Past Iterations Of Sonic To Make The Games Unique
2. Over-Hyping People, Making Them Upset And Displeased When The Game Is Released (except generations)
3. Bad Writing
4. Lost Personalities
5. Hit-and-miss Games
6. Story-Points That Are Never Expanded On
7. Unoriginal Levels
8. Bad Marketing
9. Game Length
10. Linear Level Design

If I Missed Some, Let Me Know. I'd Love To See A Sonic Game In The Boost Era With Everything Fixed

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Thanks for inviting and promoting me!

Thanks for the invite

Thanks for the invite!

Thanks for the promotion
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