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Miller Method in Moscow

This Google Hangout hosted by Ethan B. Miller of The Miller Method and Moderated by Kathleen Tehrani of Autism Brainstorm.

Today's webinar will feature an overview on The Miller Method which is a Cognitive Developmental method of teaching children with Autism. A unifying thread between our three presenters will be the use of systems, development and expansion which are unique to the Miller Method®.

Dr. Stephen Shore will begin with a 10-15min presentation on Miller Method, focusing on the theoretical underpinnings.

Ms. Carol Hilliard will continue with a 10-15min presentation of Miller Method in the Classroom; System development.

Ms. Rebecca Sperber will speak 10-15min, as a parent/professional and her experience with her son Benny. How Miller Method has helped her son, her observations on systems use and its value.

Questions and Answers will take place after each presentation and at the end of the hangout.
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When my student on the Autistic Spectrum shares a different political perspective than most of the school and is able to keep his cool. A lesson for us all.

Read about it here:

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"Look Who is Coming" - featured on +Los Angeles Times +Parents Magazine & +Good reads as one of the best books for kids w/ autism.

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Through the Eyes of Me is a beautiful, colourful, illustrated book for children that allows a glimpse into the world of a child with autism.

Readers will meet a 4-year-old girl who loves to run, read, look at … and rip up … stickers. Discover why she does certain things, doesn’t like some things, and really, really loves other things.

This wonderful book is an ideal and engaging tool for teaching children about autism and about life as a child with autism. Through the Eyes of Me was written by Jon Roberts when his 4-year-old daughter, was diagnosed with severe autism.

Together with his wife Sarah they hope that, by recording and sharing their daughter's lovely little quirks, they will help encourage a greater degree of understanding amongst siblings, classmates….in fact anyone who knows someone on the autism spectrum.

Through the eyes of me is now out to buy. here is a snazzy promo video

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Here is a toy I made for my office. Lots of people tell me it helps them focus.
Animated Photo

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I have thought about children and people with autism. Visit and Comment

Maybe Autism should be thought of as like a different color hair, or a food allergy. It's different, but it isn't wrong. Nor is it special. I don't have 'special needs;' I have diverse needs in comparison to your own. It's not us that have the problem. It's that society hasn't learned the proper way to (enter metaphor) cross the bridge into our land of being. It's a 2-way street (another metaphor.) I work to understand them, but they should also work to understand me. I am competent. I can tell when one is being condescending. Talk to me like the human that I am, not like some zoo creature to gawk at.

Does that make sense? I'm not very concise, but I tried to get my point across.

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Check it out!!
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