I'm pretty sure that jake asked mindy out AND she said yes 
:) yayayayayayayay

I got a request and this is the second ever ship song (btw Dani did the second verse and I do not agree with the lyrics of the second line of the second verse):
The Talshiya Song:
Verse 1:
Do you wanna ship Talshiya?
There's nothing more to say
They work together perfectly 
Cuz they were meant to be 
Just like Nysani and Shay
They're a match made in heaven
When they're holding hands
You can see the sparks fly
Do you wanna ship Talshiya?
It really has to be Talshiya
Arshiya: Stop it guys!
Why should I?
Verse 2:
Do you wanna ship Talshiya?
Cuz Dimon is stupid 
Mrs Rowe says they are natural
When they're in rehearsal 
They do stuff not in script
-hell yeah they do-
When they're looking at each other
In their eyes
Their hearts start to beat like this:
tick tock tick tock tick tock
Verse 3:
Arshiya, oh please 
We know you want him
Theres no turning back; you cannot lie
We all know that he wants you too
He's always there for you
Why do you still denyyyyyyyyyyy
You know you love each other
Its just you and him
You know what you wanna do
Do you wanna ship Talshiya?

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It's time for a new shippppppppppppppp!~ 
SOOOOOOOOOO at lunch, Calvin M. kept going up to Cindy, and he kept trying to tell her jokes PUNS and stuff like "Where do winners live in England? Winchester!" And he kept trying to get a high-five out of her. And he went back to her MULTIPLE TIMES. MULTIPLE O.O! And while Lesly was like, "That's so PUNNY" (btw, that was MAH joke) I realized.... it's time to ship Cindy and Calvin. HELP MEH COME UP WITH A SHIP NAME!
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Why are the Calvins so shippable? They could be shipped with just too many people.... BLARGH.
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So......I now officially ship Ryrene (FINALLY SOMEONE TO SHIP NYRENE WITH!) So Ryan was in the same group as Nyrene (along with Keira, but that's not the point!) and then at some point at the end of class, Ryan went up to me and was like, "Nyrene has a youtube channel right?" And I was like "Yah...." and he asked "What is it?" I looked at Nyrene....then back to Ryan....then to Nyrene, who was telling me not to tell him....then to Ryan. Then I told him >.< and Nyrene was like "F*CK YOU". Then I went to Nyrene at one pooint that if Ryan subscribes to her channel, I'm shipping them. So the next day I asked if Ryan subscribed and he said....YES! :D 

SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP (I finally figured out how to put text on this stuff.... YAY!)
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Here is the first ever Ship song. I need to add on to it, but I don't know all the actual lyres so could y'all gel me?
(to the tune of Mamma Mia)
Here we go again
My my
Yiyi can't resist ya

We should totally ship Nyrene and Ryan. Because Ryan subscribed to Nyrene on YouTube. AMAZING LOGIC RIGHT?

Anyway, they should be Nyan. XD

Since there are no current school ships, I will start a competition.
Favorite ship? What do you prefer? (sorry I have NO idea what to post)

1. Gayness
2. Peeniss

You know, the end of HG disappointed me because the only point of the last chapter was for Suzanne Collins to say "PEENISS FOR LYFE".

Happy (super late) V-day! 

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Don't actually repost guys, I just wanted to put this in. (And who needs Valentines? PFFT :D)

Anyways, any ships going around? I do know that Vivian has a habit of looking at inanimate objects as she imagines kissing guys, and APPARENTLY she's dating a guy in TPMS who's 14. ?!?!?!? k den.

And honestly, I would totes ship Keshav and Sammi. (Because of the absence of annoying "nerdy" guys from CSES (my ES), Keshav has filled in. And I only NOW realize that he's SO ANNOYING)
I think Ms Hawe would ship Keshav and Sammi cuz they're in the same Africa group. Like, it's a 2p group. Just Sammi and Keshav. O_O 

So ship names for Sammi and Keshav?
Vivian and inanimate objects? (sorry Vivian for teasing you about this....:( )
Other ships?

YOU DECIDE (Sorry Epic Rap Battles reference.... aw, remember when we used to watch those in fifth grade....with Cold Spring kids....and annoying nerds playing that 24/7...*becoming...nostalgic...*
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