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Veemon the Video Game

Publisher by SEGA (NA/JP) and Bandai Namco Entertainment (NA/EU/JP)

Developer by Sonic Team and Bandai Namco Entertainment America And Europe

Distribution by Toei Animation and Dreamworks Animation SKG and The Digimon Studios And BBC Worldwide ltd

Rating ESRB M For Mature in USA and Canada
Rating PEGI 18 in UK and Europe

Platform Console: PlayStation 4,Xbox One,Microsoft Windows,And Nintendo Switch

This is the Digimon Games was Rated M For Mature

Veemon & Davis is the first Digimon spinoff video game Due to licensing Issues by Sega & Sonic Team ,Made Original Publisher by SEGA & Original Developer by Sonic Team
Later the Made Retail Publisher & Developer by Bandai Namco Entertainment

this is the first Sonic Team was Rated M For Mature

The Mature Audiences Only

As Nintendo & SEGA was known for its family-friendly games like Mario , Sonic, Zelda , Super Monkey Ball , Shenmue and Pokémon, the game was the subject of controversy. According to SEGA & Sonic Team & Bandai Namco Entertainment

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Hello, fellow Veemon fans! I am excited to finally make this Community! Feel free to post, comment, and discuss all about Veemon.
To start us off, I have decided to post one of my favorite drawings of Veemon I've ever done! It's Veemon with his own keyblade, which I like to call, the Kingdom Vee! Lemme know what you think!
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