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BFRPG Fantasy setting I'm developing for use as a face to face game when the opportunity arises. I will run G+ Hangout adventures with this setting and rules when time permits.

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The area campaign map. PC's start in the town of Valla'Tair.
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I have tomorrow off. Happy to run a session of Rom'Myr for those inclined mid day. Talking 11am to 2pm mountain time.


Dun-Harad is the language of the Trackless Empire.
Marude is the language the Fir'Bax speak as well as Dun-Harad.
Sahrashin is spoken by the dark skinned Ahenti.
Torbarel is the language of The Strangled. 

Character Creation:

Only human characters may be chosen for race. The available human racial identities are Rom’Myr, and the Fir'Bax.

Rom’Myr humans are citizens of the Blue Borderlands, the farthest province east in the realm of The Trackless Empire. Sandwiched between the Western Interior Sea and the Groaning Mountains the Rom'Myr of the Blue Borderlands trade for Bolfian Silk from the non-human desert nomads known as the Strangled.

The land of Fir'Bax lies north of the Blue Borderlands. Uncouth barbarians, the various tribes of Fir'Bax scratch a living from the small arable land surrounding the high peaks of the Yani'Hor, the Groaning Mountains. 
Roll 3d6 in order for starting abilities. If your starting ability scores do not qualify your character for any of the available character classes you are the Thief class. If your ability scores allow you to choose between different character classes you are free to choose the one you wish.

Character Class options; 

Assassin, Barbarian, Druid, Jester, Paladin, Ranger, and Thief.

All these classes, except the Thief, rely on BFRPG supplements found on the Basic Fantasy website. The Thief class is found, of course, in the Basic Fantasy rule book. All these materials are available for free on the Basic Fantasy web site.

Jester PC's should consider themselves more as traveling monk/scholars as opposed to being a kept clown for royalty.

Druids are clearly wild shamans roaming the dying lands of Rom'Myr, while their Ranger brothers spend much more time in civilization. 

Assassins and Thieves are your most common of adventuring rogues, while the Paladin is a PC who has picked up the sword in defense of some aspect of the lost past.

Orders and Institutions:

Most of the PC Classes are bound to some type of esoteric religion or ageless cult which claim some form of legitimacy through ancient ideas lost to the unimaginable past eons of Rom’Myr. None of these confer any mechanical benefit for the new PC, but is used to embellish this dying earth with some of the player’s ideas.

For example, barbarians obviously belong to the wild Fir'Bax tribes, but each tribe will have some distinctive differences; battle cults, forms of nature worship, etc.

The only legitimate class which can represent as "unaffiliated" would be the thief class. This class can represent the average Rom'Myrian looking to escape their poverty-stricken existence.

Here are some randomly generated names to get PC's started on their particular dying earth gods, religions, sects, orders, cults, etc.;

Children of the Sacrificed
Sect of the Son
Chosen Ones of Tranquility
Band of the Studied
Followers of Vranis
Faith of Drysm
Congregation of Kousha

Use the equipment list from the Basic Fantasy rule book, but with the following changes;

Leather Armor 80gp,
Chain Mail 160gp,
Plate Mail 1,300gp,
Shield 27gp,
Silver Dagger 125gp,
Battle Axe 17gp,
Great Axe 114gp,
Shortsword 16gp,
Longsword/Scimitar 110gp,
Two Handed Sword 218gp.
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