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Hello Everyone,

I just want to remind you all you can share your websites and blogs in the daily share category.

Hello and welcome to the Money To Be Made Community +Avramenko Lana! Looking forward to your participation!

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If you are looking to start your own facebook group or find other ones that you can join this blog post will be helpful.

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I know this is late but I wanted to ask you all to take the poll and if you know someone who is struggling in any of these categories please share. Thanks in advance!

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It's important to read what you share with your audience. If you're not doing that then you don't know what you're audience is really getting. It could be spam or anything. Always read before you share.

Hello +Wayne Carey , +Emily CURRY and +Victor Courville  welcome to the community. Please introduce yourself. Glad to have you all here!

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If you would like to connect with people who are already in a business as well as people who are looking for one. Or if you want to get some leads and advertise your business. You will find this marketing community and platform the place for you.

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Find out what people in your niche like by viewing people's likes on their Twitter. This is very helpful.

Sorry I haven't been active in the community. I had gotten sick and then it went downhill from there but I'm back with a vengeance.
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