~Profile Lay Out~

Name: [Your Characters Name Here]
Nickname: [Optional]
Gender: [Male or Female]
Species: [Only shown in the Anime]
Birthday: [Optional]
Place Of Origin: [The Place Your Character Was Born- Optional]
Skin Tone: [Light, Medium, Dark, etc. - Optional]
Hair Type: [Hair Shape Here/Exp: Shaggy, Bald Fade, Dreads, etc. - Optional]
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Blood Type:

Appearance: [Picture OR Description Of Your Characters Appearance- MANDATORY]
Voice: [Optional]

Sexual Orientation: [What your character prefers - Optional]
Relationship Status: [Married, Single, In a Relationship, etc.]
Languages: [Only start by your species's language. Ex. Saiyan can't start with English and Namekian]
Disabilities: [Color blind, blind, lost of limb, etc. - Optional]

Biography: [Your Characters Bio Description Here]

Rank: [Look in the description to see what ranks are available- Optional]
Current Status: [Your Character currently doing  - Optional]
Affiliations: [Z Fighters, Capsule Corps, Red Ribbon Army, Orange Star High School, Planet Trade Organization, etc.- Optional]

HTC Usage: [Amount of times you used the Hyperbolic Time Chamber]
Death: [Amount of times you died through RP]
Cause of Death: [Fight, disease, etc.] 

Family: [Optional]
Master(s): [Acutal OC in the Community. They have to teach you things. Optional]
Apprentice(s): [Actual OC in the Community. You have to teach them things. Optional]
Rival(s): [Actual OC you compete with]
Allies: [Any friends you made through RP.]
Enemies: [Any enemies you made through RP.]

Aura Color: [Color of your ki]
Power Level: [Depending on your race, look at the Starting PL System in the pinned post]

Transformations: [Only transformations related to the series- Optional]

Techniques/Abilities:  [A list of your characters Technique's, Not too many 10 maximum - Optional.]

Tools/Weapons: [Optional]

Mastery Ratings
[1-2 Below Average; 3-4 Rookie; 5-7 Average; 8-10 Above Average; 11-13 Very Talented; 14-17 Prodigious; 18-19 Master; 20 Absolute Mastery] Power Rating judges the amount of skill in a rank. Once a new rank is gain, the power rating is reset.

Ki Manipulation:
Ki Control:
Ki Pool: Determined by power level
Weapon Mastery: [Applies per Weapon Type]


Other Abilities: 
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