Since when did I become mod? XD

Hey people! we need more members.

Let's go out there and ADVERTISE!!!!
(this is an event)

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My OC!

Name: Mike Mcool
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sex: Straight
Height: 6ft 4
Body type: Lean
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does anyone even know what the word "thaumaturge" means?

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Name: Ronin
Species: Wolf
gender: Male
Sexuality: straight
likes: magic (particularly darkness and ice),  his sword(called Zarkyon), building things, thaumaturgy, and the action of battle 
Dislikes: idiots, thaumaturge haters, screwing up
Tribe: hopes to have one
Bio: as a young boy his parents were killed. he sought revenge on the wolf who did this... and killed him. then decided to follow the path of magic and is now a thaumaturge. hopes to have a mate and have pups to teach in the way of magic, but knows that no one understands him...

So what happens in this community?

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