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Sorry for the delay, but now Hunt has a Tutorial!

Hunt Alpha 15
- Tutorial
-  Food is now a solid circle

Really happy with the new artwork. What do you think?

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Glad to see some competition in the leaderboard ;-) +Atanas Bozhkov +Georgi Koshov 

Hunt Alpha 14
-  algae now with solid color
-  initial loading faster, more efficient collision detection
-  major changes under the hood
-  fixed known crashes (hopefully)

What do you think about the new algae color?

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Excited about Hunt Alpha 11!

 - Log in with Google Play clicking on the Joystick icon in the Pause screen
 - Participate in the global ranking for preys (fishes) caught!
 - Ranking, previous and next score shown in hunt view once logged into Play Store
  - Refresh once per minute

Please try it out ^_^

Thanks for turning up, everyone. Please update to the latest version:

Hunt Alpha 10

-  Prey is calmer now while exploring
- Tools palette appears more reliably, positioned now above the finger
-  Crash fixes
-  Score is saved on restart
-  Log in/ log out of Google Play (I need to add your email to a tester list to work for  you, not necessary yet - a global ranking soon though)
-  Live wallpaper works
-  Algae bloom explosion bug fixed

Known issues
-  Lack of any tutorial whatsoever
-  Controls work in live wallpaper
-  Palette position needs more love

Hunt Alpha 9

- Regenerate world option in Pause screen
- Net can now go through algae
- If Prey is hidden under algae, net will not catch it
- Net can catch algae if big enough, but this leads to negative points
- Negative points diminish with a rate 1/sec 

Known Issues

- Live wallpaper doesn't work anymore

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Here is the new link! Just join the community first and then you will be able to install the alpha.

I aim to release daily updates and post a short change log here.

Feedback highly appreciated ^_^
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