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Type: (Are you human, or an epic, talking T-Rex?)


Powers: (Up to 2 for human, 1 for nonhuman. Mods get 4 powers for a human, 2 for nonhuman. A Power is defined as something that you can do that normal people can't do. Having skin made of stone is not a power. It is an ability. Invincibility, invulnerability and anything like those are not allowed, except for the owner.)

Ability: (Limit of one. No ifs ans or buts. An ability is defined as an attribute of yourself that normal people don't have. Shooting lasers from your eyeballs is not an ability. It is a power.)

Appearance: (Either a 4 or more sentence description, or a picture, or a combination of the two.)

Bio: (Must be legit. Can be so sad that it makes people cry, or so happy that people want to strangle themselves. Please don't strangle yourself. Go ahead. Make me cry.)

Criminal: (only add this last line if your character is a criminal.)

((open to as many as possible, no need to ask))
You're wandering around for no particular reason when, next to you, a ride randomly turns on. You then...

Name: Charlie

Type: (Are you human, or an epic, talking T-Rex?) Human

Gender: Male

Powers: none

Ability: none

Appearance: imagine a little kid with short, blonde hair. He has green eyes and wears overalls. He does not wear shoes, so his feet are dirty. He's only eight years old.

Bio: Charlie woke up in his bed one day and found that his parents had disappeared. So, he went out to look for them. That was when he was six. He gave up eventually and decided to stay here for a while.
Charlie has an imaginary friend named Autumn.


(Open, here's Charlie!)

A man in a black leather jacket hovers just above the tip of the tower, observing the city.

The Void follows you through the forest, silently staying hidden.
(O P E N)

I stand outside the entrance to an old swings ride. Hello? Anyone there?
(No need to ask, it's open.)

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Cinema 17, has two theaters, one on top of the other. The darker one is below ground.
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Johnston Park.

The observatory is located on the highest part of the rock cliffs.
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