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Name : nature woods
Magic: equip magic and the elements
Age: 19
Gender: female

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Name: Ryu
Age : 17
Gender : Male
Species : Wizard
Personality: Nice, shy, friendly, strong, protective mage
Bio: He came to this land, because he thought he'd see people who were like him, but instead there were many others. He also came to practice his magic. ( He didn't master his spells yet..)

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//hello everyong i'm new here i hope i get the chance to rp with you, thanks you for letting me join//

Name: Sesshomaru

Age: 200+ (chronologically)
          19 (physical appearance)

species: Inu Daiyōkai


178 cm (5'10")

76 kg (167.6 lbs)

Eye color: Gold

Hair color: Silver

Skin color: Fair


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I walk thro the forest then I hear something from behind me and I take my daggers out just in case there were something bad I turn around and se you behind me (can a boy do this with me? and the art isn't mine)

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name: Mercia Lynn Ryles
age: 19
species: Dark Elf/ Demon
Gender: female
likes: art, sports, silence
Dislikes: liars
bio: When Mercia was little, she was raised by humans, since her real parents were dead and trusted this human couple with their daughter. When she was 10, she ran away from her adoptive parents into a forest to live on her own. As she got older, living in the wilderness and training with her weapons, she became very talented. When she was 19, she decided to return home to her step parents  (is this ok?)

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//Sorry if this messes with your character a bit, but it's a Pirates Of The Caribbean RP without Jack gotta sympathise XD//

you are the leader of the English Navy, sworn to protect the citizens from Pirates.

i'd be Morgan Knight, a well-known Pirate who always escapes in the best ways.

you were walking along the docks, checking your crew and citizens are doing well, you see someone come across the waters in a small sinking boat and by the time they got there, only the flags can be seen. She had a pirate-looking hat on and a pirate coat, lots of rings and a few studded ear-rings in her ears. She also had long key-chain like things in her hair with beads and silver attached to them.

She looks around. The pirate-looking girl looks toward a drowning sailor and looks at a man with a book, getting shillings from boats being docked. She gives him her swords, guns, hat and coat and jumps in saving the man. You didn't see her do that and thought she pushed the sailor in so when she comes out from the sea and lets the sailor cough out water, you point your sword at her and looks at her arm to see a tattooed "P" on it which signifies "Pirate". you smile seeing a knights helmet and an "M" tattooed a big higher than the "P" and you-

//No Text-Talk//
//Be as discriptive as possible, don't worry if you don't know what to say but at least 2 lines when you start// 

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((i'm new here))

Name: Vokun

Age: 19

Type: Psychic

Likes: Flying, Using Powers, 

POwers: Telekinesis, Making People See Their Worst Fear, Mind Reading.

Dislikes: guards, Other People

Personality: Hostile, Avoident, Hates Other People

Bio: He is homeless due to his parents abandoning him because of his powers and now he lives on roof tops, hiding from the guards. He has a turquoise circle on his hand which goes down to some silver rings on him wrists. He glows bright turquoise when he uses his powers. He is a thief and a neko without the tail. He has a bow and is very talented at archery. He also has a scar going down one eye and that strangely changed the eye red.

((open and a group rp if wanted)) you and i (we) are next in the scarafices in the city. The sacrifices happen every year to prevent 10 years of bad crops. We want it to stop, but don't know how. We don't know each other yet, but we will....soon.... ((long rp, and has to end with us, stopping it))

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Name: Yuzuki Yukari
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Yuzuki is a lunar demon
Personality: Yuzuki is shy and reserved. She keeps to herself, yet has a bubbly personality. She will often help others, putting them before herself. She's very sweet and friendly, but rarely talks.
Voice: Yuzuki's voice is gentle and sweet, and sounds sort of angelic.
Appearance: Yuzuki stands at a height of about 5 feet 2 inches and has a weight of 99 pounds. She has fairly pale skin with light purple hair and slightly darker purple eyes. Yuzuki has a fairly pretty smile, not perfect, but it is pretty. She often wears a purple dress, with thigh high purple socks and black short heels. She wears a black jacket with rabbit ears over the dress and normally wears the hood up. 
Likes: Yuzuki likes all animals, but she especially favors rabbits. She enjoys making friends, helping others and hanging out with people. Yuzuki also enjoys singing and sometimes playing the guitar. 
Dislikes: Yuzuki dislikes being alone, being ignored, and people being rude to her. She does not dislike much and most of what she does not like is unknown.
Powers: Yuzuki is able to control the darkness around her and very rarely, she can turn day into night. She can also manipulate shadows.
Skills: Yuzuki is very good at running and using her weapons. She is very persuasive as well and can almost always get her way.
Weapons: Chainsaw sword, daggers, and a katana. (Pictures of weapons are attached with Yuzuki's appearance)
Bio: Not shared with others.
Yuzuki Yukari
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