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Clinton And Sanders face off.

Last night Clinton and Sanders sat down with Anderson Cooper for CNN in New Hampshire and displayed the vibrant differences between each other, boldly and loudly.

Sanders had a strong night and I believe a lot of America's questions for him were answered.

He had a Very Very Strong night.

Here is the main topics of the night for Bernie:

Raising the Wages, Bernie said he was going to raise wages, by get rid of the monthly premiums that many Americans deal with.

Raise Taxes:

Bernie said he was going to lower taxes in one area a lot and raise them in an other area.

Get Bernie Sanders total plan for America at:

Hillary Clinton :

She covered a lot of the topics Bernie did.

She had a very very strong night.

Hot topics for Clinton:

Saving Energy.

Big corporations especially fossil fuel companies paying republicans to say that Climate Change is a hoax.

What she had to endure:

She talked a lot about how she had struggled through and through.

For more Info on Former Secretary of State of America, Hillary Clinton go to

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