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5 star review: With his riveting plot, orgasmic prose and endearing characters, C.Watson's "The Sorceress' Prophecy" is a spellbinding tale of magic, betrayal and romance. In a combination of the "Lestat Saga","Twilight" and "The Harry Potter Series", The Sorceress' Prophecy promises a thrill all fans of Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Magical Realism must experience. UNPUTDOWNABLE!

NOW! only $0.99! Get yourself to a digital copy before the price rises to its true worth in a few hours. Reviews are welcome.'+Prophecy+magic+fantasy+book

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Hey! I'm trying out this series and I know it could use some major editing but.. y'know. Also my cover sucks but... y'know. (I actually write a lot better than this, I promise ;-))

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Meet Riley Harper. She is the girl you hear whispers in the hall about her alcoholic mother, and father who is barely around. She is the girl who hates life because the people she loved only let her down. She continues on her life day to day, getting by with only the help of herself, and it’s been that way for 17 years. She’s had her heart shattered to pieces too many times and she’s learned to hide away her feelings and never let anyone into her life again. Meet Luke Hemmings; A complete asshole that every girl in school seems to want… except Riley. He navigates his way into her life without warning and no matter how hard she tries, he always seems to be everywhere she turns. What happens when Luke makes a deal with his friends and he knows a piece of Riley’s secret past? He gets himself a fake girlfriend... And Riley doesn’t quite know what she has gotten herself into.

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Hi everybody! I am K Roades (IcyRoads on Wattpad) I'd really appreciate it if you'd check out my stories. Thanks!

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