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For trade
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Draw them plzzz
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sb: 20 pts
minimum increase: 5
ab : 200 to encourage bidding

reason why is because i drew this for 2 hours man, a twin is coming out btw so this isn't the only one

please bid in the comments! :^)

ends whenever i feel like it because nobody really bids on my ocs :p

when done send points to thank

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Ok someone please order a Base Edit or Custom from me cause I need 50 points RN
Reason: I bought an adopt and the person's rule is that you don't buy the art of the adopt only the design so I need 50 points so I can buy the art as well
Art below

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Customs are open Again
I am low on points
The Prices differ:
Regular Pone/Simple Design: 15 points
Regular Pone/Complex Design: 20 points

Star Trailer, Common/Simple Design: 15 points
Star Trailer, Common/Complex Design: 25 points
Star Trailer, Uncommon/Simple Design: 35 points
Star Trailer, Uncommon/Complex Design: 45 points
(+5 points on each uncommon trait)

Cotton Mouth, Common/Simple Design: 15 pts
Cotton Mouth, Common/Complex Design: 20 pts
Cotton Mouth, Uncommon/Simple Design: 25 pts
Cotton Mouth, Uncommon/Complex Design: 35 pts
Cotton Mouth, Rare/Simple Design: 45 pts
Cotton Mouth, Rare/Complex Design: 50 pts

Starry Cotton Mouth, Common/Simple Design: 20 pts
Starry Cotton Mouth, Common/Complex Design: 30 pts
Starry Cotton Mouth, Uncommon/Simple Design: 35 pts
Starry Cotton Mouth, Uncommon/Complex Design: 45 pts
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I made this cutie after I was asked to make a goth mare for a friend. I liked her too much to let her go, so I kept her~
Name: Daydream Nightmare
Nickname: Day, Dreamer
Age: 18
Bio: She lives with her friend and is in her first year of college. She is quite nice, despite her cold outer shell. She is a pastel goth and loves horror movies.
Orientation: Aromantic Asexual and (platonically) loving it
Gender: Mare
Type: Earth Pony

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Truthfully tell me how much me and cocoa look alike. Also ima show her off :3
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The mods I have deemed active
+BetaCast Skylar 
+Feraligatr/Shaymin Gamer 
+Killer kitty 
+MLP Cocoa 
+Pastel Cloud 
+Satoshi Kiraishi 
+Steven Strings 
If any of you no longer want to be mods please tell me 
Be active in the community as much as you can please

Definetly need to go through the mods and see who is active and who isn't
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